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Communication and Discourse - Civic Theatre - Book Report/Review Example

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Civic Theatre Name XXXXXXXXX Professor XXXXXXXXX Institution XXXXXXXXX Course XXXXXXXXX Date XXXXXXXXXX Introduction Civic theatre is one of the most recognized locations in Newcastle. The place faces recognition from its ancient formation, and the manner through which people of all nationalities visit the location in an effort to expand their talents in the field of acting and other theatre based activities…
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Communication and Discourse - Civic Theatre
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Download file to see previous pages Methodology There was the incorporation of the more popular qualitative research which was later on concluded by quantitative research all that are later discussed extensively. In addition to these, it is important to recognize there are two different methods through which a researcher can gain data. This is by either secondary research or primary research (Said, 2003, 42). There was the quantitative review of the study. From this, I was able to deduce information regarding the numeric view of the information. I carried out sheets through which I would tabulate my observations. I was able to identify the fact that young men and women did not pay much attention to me. This was from the fact that at some points, I had to fill in the sheets in open ground to avoid missing any data. These people rather went on their usual businesses. The older generation seemed curious as to what I was doing filling in forms but none of them came up to me that came in positively given the fact that my study was a field trip report. The qualitative part of the research came in at the point where I had to calculate the number of people that had stable employment. This was attained from going to a specific location in Civic Theatre, taking a certain amount of time and observing the people that seemed to carry out urgent business as compared to those that just lay around the area with nothing to do. This assisted me in understanding the economic stature of the location. Discussion and Analysis Civic theatre as a location is one that impresses in the manner through which the people in it run their daily activities. I sought to gain a deeper understanding of the location by paying it a visit and witnessing first hand. This was imperative in that it would represent majority of the areas in the country that people do not visit often. Greater observation of the location revealed that one major commodity associated with the Civic theatre is food, a commodity vital for the survival of any human being. From long ago, food has always been central in the Civic theatre (Ayers, 2008, 56) and the people of the location remain much focused on farming activities. For millions and millions of human population living in various parts of the Newcastle, their backbone of specialized food mainly lies on food provided around Civic theatre. I understood this better as I found many families and women lined up in different stalls busy purchasing and engaging with the sellers. The fact that the buyers and the sellers each left each other with a glow on their faces revealed that each was satisfied and this no verbal interaction led me to conclude that the people in the area coexisted peacefully. It is important to recognize the fact that most of the people residing in the area are of middle age and old age. According to me, the fact that made old people like the area is its calmness. Civic theatre is one calm place and as common to many, the elderly are all about resting and are not fond of noise. It is important to recognize that the clothing that goes along with the elderly generation is not what contemporary society can call fashionable. Old people are fond of traditions and adjusting to change is a rather difficult aspect for them to accommodate (Mackenzie, 2006, 41). The clothes that these people wore were not quite in fashion and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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