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Abortion representation in the media: The UK and the US in comparative perspective - Dissertation Example

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Abortion has gained immense social, political and media attention throughout the history. The print and visual media has been portraying rightly and faultily performed abortions every day to the wider audience…
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Abortion representation in the media: The UK and the US in comparative perspective
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Extract of sample "Abortion representation in the media: The UK and the US in comparative perspective"

Download file to see previous pages The hardly digestible fact is, why television and film media avoids, miss-leads and confuses audience in regard to abortion? Why the truth has not been completely interpreted and why visual and print media do not represent abortion as a part of UK culture like sex and gay relationships? Although, the connotation of media on the society is evident, as the information retrieved from it, was and is to some extent considered authentic without the need of verification by the general public. However, this notion has been discarded by most of the viewers now as they are linked to several communities, which provide them with the realistic facts on the disputable aspects. Thus, media has lost its position of being a reliable source of information due to biased representation of realistic facts. After the commencement of abortion law in UK in 1967, the censorship policy was reviewed and hence many controversial yet factual aspects became a part of media coverage or main themes of the customary programs. However, abortion was and is one subject which has yet not revealed it-self completely. The reason described for it is, if abortion is shown as a rightful choice for the women in all circumstances, there would be a serious decline in birth rate and family values would be battered completely. Along with it, ethical conflict on abortion is irresolvable. Hence, movies, theater, soap series avoids this debatable hence, truthful aspect. (Turow, 2011). Sexual revolution has been a part of British society for more than 50 years. With the availability of contraceptives in 1961 and abortion in 1967 as mean to discard unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, sexual habits have been taken less tactlessly by the UK residents. Abortion has been used as a mean of birth control despite of its unethical and immoral nature. 189,931 abortions were performed in 2011, 96% were supported by NHS, 47% abortions were termed as medical abortions (a serious threat to mother or child), 1 % due to abnormality of child and the rest were aborted only due to inconvenience. 90,000 lives were aborted in 2011 due to negligence towards contraceptives and safe-sex strategies. Hence, the general public has adapted irresponsible attitude towards unborn human life and with the aid and legalization of government towards abortion, they tend to discard their pregnancies, which happens due to their own languor and negligent behavior (Wilson, 2013). American television has been depicting and including abortion as an immediate attention gaining ingredient for soap series. However, the protestors have been active ever since the first soap on abortion Maude was aired in 1972. Since there onwards, Degrassi High (1989), Melrose Place (1992), Beverly Hills(1994),Felicity(2000), Dawson's Creek(2000), Sex and the City (2001) Everwood (2003), Six Feet Under (2003), Degrassi: The Next Generation(2004), Desperate Housewives (2009), Friday Night Lights (2010), Mad Men (2010) Grey's Anatomy (2011) and Girls (2012) have been the renowned shows which have levered the controversial topic of abortion. However, in more than half of them the decision for abortion is changed by the leading character and only few of the women have been shown to get along with the decision (Staff, 2012). Simultaneously, these women have been shown either haunted by the fetus phantom, guilt, remorse and regret throughout their lives. The ethical implication has always been presented in a non-verbal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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