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The Media and the Role They Play in Suicide - Research Paper Example

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This essay will seek to discuss the media and the role they play in suicide and will put into consideration three case studies of different researchers in order to provide a clear and concise part played by media in suicidal issues. …
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The Media and the Role They Play in Suicide
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Download file to see previous pages ion, arrest, punishment, embarrassment, and pity Case study 3: “Father of a gang-raped teenage girl commits suicide 'in shame'” A father to a 16-year-old girl committed suicide by taking poison after a gang of eight men raped his daughter Media shame led to Krishan’s completed suicide Change of writing styles With the discussions provided by Lester, it is agreeable that the media through publicized books fosters suicidal behaviors particularly to readers seeking information regarding suicide Classical writers applied writing styles such as: a. Romantics b. Boffo c. Irresistible Current writing styles such as: a. Spare b. Crafty c. Lyric Suicide related books have changed for the worse Statistics on suicide Data brought forward by National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) document that people also commit suicide because of exposure to behaviours opined to suicide by media figures, family members, and peers Statistical figures showing the rate of suicide since year 1993 to 2010 After every 13.7 minutes, an individual dies through suicide in the US. Almost 1,000,000 individuals attempt to commit suicide every year. Ninety percent of those people who commit suicide have a treatable and diagnosable psychiatric disorder. Most people with mental illness do not commit suicide Medical costs amount to almost $100 million annually (2005). Conclusion The media, may it be publicized or viewed, play a crucial role in escalating the rate of completed, planned, attempted, and thought attempts especially among people undergoing certain challenges including diseases, depression, and disorders Recommendations People thinking of committing suicide should seek medical attention or counselling Researchers and doctors recommend specific forms of psychotherapy such as dialectical...
This paper approves that The National Vital Statistics System of the United States reveals that, many people take their lives every year in this country. The research results point out that the risk of committing suicide is higher in some people than in others. According to the available data, the major causes of suicide in the US are depression, prior suicide attempt, suicide family history, and incarceration. Media plays a potential role in contributing to the suicidal behaviours of many Americans where firearms usage in movies and substance abuse take the largest percentage of deaths that occur due to suicide.
This essay makes a conclusion that the media, may it be publicized or viewed, play a crucial role in escalating the rate of completed, planned, attempted, and thought attempts especially among people undergoing certain challenges including diseases, depression, and disorders. The market is flooding with movies where characters portrayed to have contracted killer diseases end up hanging themselves. This aspect affects people the third world countries, as their living costs are high. Television and the internet especially with the upsurge and accelerated use of social networks, live video coverage, and instant messaging are contributing to suicide behaviors every day. The discussed case studies show that the media facilitates death through suicide given that the antagonists of media’s role in suicide cases depicts that the involved people committed suicide due to the shame brought unto them by the media. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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