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Cecilia Blay, a former teacher, seeks to explain the connection between the suicidal victims and their online suicide motivators. This…
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Computer Crime Crime Summary The Dangerous Connections video illustrates the role that computer internet sources play in flaring suicidal endeavors of distressed victims. Cecilia Blay, a former teacher, seeks to explain the connection between the suicidal victims and their online suicide motivators. This follows a report of a successful suicide of a college girl called Nadi Kajouji. Investigations show that a friend she meets online entices her into committing suicide. The friend is a purportedly young nurse with the username, Cami D.
Cecilia discovers that there are over seven thousand websites that directly linking to suicides. She also discovers websites with people struggling to commit suicide. Cecilia then establishes an online chat with a 17 year old suicidal girl from South America. The girl is on a suicide trail with the enticement of a purportedly young nurse by the username, Li Dao. They make a concord to hang themselves together at a specific time in front of a webcam. As Cecilia later realizes, the nurse turns out to be a middle aged man named William. William masks himself as Cami D, Falcon Girl and Li Dao. The evidence provides a platform for inquiry into one of the most alarming computer crime syndicates.
Motivational Typology
The section expounds the basic connection between interactive motivational typology and the crimes perpetrated by the computer1. On a wider scale, the section elaborates the elements of humanity that can be enticed to motivate a suicide attempt. The motives for any criminal activity are dependent on a particular technology. There are psychological behavioral motives that motivate a criminal activity.
Power assurance is a behavioral motive that restores the poise of low-confidence individuals. They perpetrate criminal activities through online molestation and blackmailing of their victims2. Andrew Archambeau, a 32 year old male stalker, molests a lady she meets through an online dating cite. They meet personally and after the romance goes bad, Andrew molests her via emails. Profit driving motives are the source of most computer crimes. Offenders seek to gain from the computer crimes by defrauding their victims. In a case study, Vladimir Levin, a computer guru, defrauded a major bank of Russia funds through a fraud system. The motivators of suicidal computer crimes suffer from rage punitive, atrocious and devious behavioral motives.
The case of Andrew reaches the police attention. The police warn Andrew to seize her actions. However, he proceeds with the behavior. The assistant county prosecutor charges Andrew under the law of prowlers as a malfeasance3. Vladimir Levin case falls under the state laws of access for falsified drives. Computer crimes attract fines, probation and to a severe extreme, jailing. The penalty for computer crimes depends on the nature of the crime. Computer crimes against the state are a felony and attract severe penalties. Minor crimes, for instance misdemeanor, attract a considerable amount of fine in most states.
Computer crimes are on the rise with the technological advancements in the current world. Courts require computer forensics to retrieve evidence for computer crime cases. Computer forensics decodes data in computer systems to act as evidence for computer crimes. This evidence is requisite in the court of law for sentencing of perpetrators of computer crimes. Technological advancement empowers criminals with the skill to use encryption techniques to cover their tracks. However, armature criminals with diminutive technological know-how fail to cover their trail. This provides the law with an upper hand of utilizing computer forensics to retrieve evidence for sentencing.
Work Cited
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Vacca, John R. Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation. Hingham, Mass: Charles River Media, 2005. Print. Read More
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Research Papaer 1 Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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