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Media Campaign - Essay Example

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Media Campaign Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 4 Overview of the Media Campaign 4 The Most Pertinent Factors related with the Media Campaign 6 Significance of the Identified Influential Factors 10 Potential Disadvantages of Media Campaigns 12 Moral and Ethical Considerations 13 Conclusion 14 Works Cited 15 Introduction Previously, mass media campaigns were primarily organised by profit oriented companies to communicate with a large customer base and persuade them to consume the offered commodities…
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Media Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages With the continuous technology advancements and subsequently altering as well as widening reach of mass media campaigns today, non-profit organisations have also taken a footstep ahead to use the communication tool for channelising their messages to the targeted audiences. In many instances, mass media campaigns have proved as beneficial in persuading the audiences to believe the message communicated and thereby alter their behaviours accordingly (Johnston, “Can Mass Media Change Behavior”). Contextually, there are various factors associated with a media campaign designed to promote a public service goal, which tend to impose significant influences in determining the success of the organisation in effectively conveying the intended message. Based on this particular learning, the discussion henceforth will focus on identifying, discussing and evaluating the influencing factors associated with a planned campaign intended towards the attainment of a public service goal of Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to “promote an educated and informed civil society through high-quality content and services delivered across multiple platforms” (CPB, “CPB's Goals and Objectives”). Thesis Statement The discussion will begin with a brief overview of the planned campaign moving forth towards the identification of the most important elements or factors associated with its overall designing, construction and execution. With this objective, the discussion will address the most pertinent factors associated with the planned campaign with adequate rationalisation on the basis of the role played by mass media. The potential disadvantages of using media campaigns, both from a generalised perspective and specific viewpoint in relation to the planned campaign will also be studied in the essay. Before concluding on the key specifications of the essay, moral and ethical considerations attached to the media campaign will also be elaborated in the discussion. Overview of the Media Campaign CPB is renowned internationally as a non-profit private organisation which was established in the year 1967 by Congress. Since then, it has been serving the worldwide communities with various services, rendering praiseworthy support to mitigate various issues. Stating precisely, the broadcasting organisation intends to ensure high-quality journalism and reporting transparency with the aim to aid contribution from the society in facilitating the overall growth of the economy and prosperity of the mankind. In its course of strategic executions, the organisation has been focusing on various objectives amongst which, one particular public service goal can be considered as quite crucial which focuses on the promotion of an educated, liberalised and adequately informed society based on multiple platforms for the applications of high-quality contents as well as services. The objectives determined by the organisation for the attainment of this particular goal further emphasises on satisfying the public needs for education and information, especially among the diversified cultural groups in particular, which can be attained ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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