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Title: The Origin, Characteristics, and Consequences of Technological System: Example of Telephony Introduction: Technology is the combination of tools and instruments, knowledge, and culture made available towards solving human problems, creating new things, and understanding the value of the world…
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Download file to see previous pages Over the years, the increasing development in the field of technology presents the capability of human beings to master over nature (Vergragt 2006, pp.1-3). Telephony represents that form of technology that allows easy and active interactions between different points through the availability of voice equipments. Telephone is the most commonly observed and used instrument of the technology of telephony. It provides interactive facilities to every residential house as well as in businesses. Telephones have also been associated with telephony switching systems and exchanges that are necessary for the processing of the calls occurring between two points. Developments have occurred over the years in telephony reflecting a shift from the initial local point to point connections to highly sophisticated connections in the modern world (What is Telephony 2012). The present study focuses on the origins, characteristics, and consequences of technological system considering the example of telephony. ...
xtensive knowledge on the nature of sound that he applied in determining the possibility of passing multiple messages through at the same time through the same wire (Bellis 2012). The figure on the left presents one of the earliest telephones as invented by Graham Bell. The use of multiple telegraph had been suggested and tried earlier as well. However, with Bell’s application of a harmonic approach, the idea could be actually implemented. It was in the year 1878 that the first Bell telephone company was established. It is now known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). In 1878, the first exchange of telephone was established in New Haven. Earlier the connections of the telephones had to be done in pairs. In the year 1889, the system of pay phone came into existence. Thereafter, with the advancements in the technology, the touch-tone phones, cordless phones, and mobile phones were developed (Bellis 2012). Characteristics of Telephony: The Technological System: The service of telephony or telecommunications is provided by an industry that includes different groups of people like the engineers, scientists and craftsmen. Telephone companies are either under the control of the government of a country or they may also be private in nature (Freeman 2004, p.1). Basic Telephony: The simple connection of the telephone as is most commonly known to the world is characterised by a device that is connected to other points across the world through use of pair of wires. The parts of such a telephone include a handset, a cradle, along with the signalling system that contains either dial or push buttons for making the connections. The handset is created with two electroacoustic transducers, the earpiece that acts as the receiver, and a mouthpiece that acts as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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