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Media and Semiotics - Essay Example

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Media and Semiotics – DNAge Advertisement The DNAge advertisement signifies how well the message is being transmitted to the intended audiences. Even though the advertisement does not say much in terms of the layout, the copy actually puts forward quite a few significant pointers…
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Media and Semiotics
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Extract of sample "Media and Semiotics"

Download file to see previous pages The product ‘DNAge’ actually represents how easily the intended audience would connect with the advertisement and allow them to try this product once at least. The signs, symbols and other facets – all of which comprise the semiotics of the advertisement remain very pertinent when one tries to comprehend how the advertisement will talk to the correct people – the ageing women and how it is asking them to try the product at least once. The semiotics of this advertisement therefore depict the manner under which women will feel inclined to try it on their own selves once and if they find that the product works in their favor, then they will keep on trying the product again and again. This paper finds a semiotic link with the advertisement that connects with its intended audience. The different metaphors that are being employed and the way in which communication is being done have been highlighted during the length of this paper. First of all, this advertisement needs an analysis and this can only be done when there is an understanding that DNAge is being targeted as a product which will take care of the ageing phenomenon within the women. The claim is such that it starts working when skin begins to age and the concentration lies in the DNA of the human being. Now this is something essential to comprehend because the DNA of the person is particular and cannot be replicated in some other being. The advertisement shows a female who must be in her high 40s. She depicts a very presentable personality and thus her facial expressions represent success in life that she has achieved over a period of time. She is apparently happy that she has been able to turn back time in her favor. The copy within the advertisement is also very crisp and represents the message which DNAge is willing to give to the intended target audiences. The copy has a definitive platform upon which the entire wordings have been devised, thus giving a very direct and appealing message to the audience. The ones who go through this advertisement will find that the copy is very feministic in its approach since it discusses the feminine side of the ageing phenomenon. The copy therefore is a perfect fit for such a kind of an advertisement as it showcases the true spirit of an anti-ageing advertisement (Amujo, 2010). The readers of this copy will find that they are glued to the wordings that have been used and the sub-caption which says “works where skin ageing starts: at the DNA”. The usage of claims like ‘86% firmer skin’ and ‘82% less wrinkles’ is actually seen as a plus point for the copy that is being sent across this advertisement. It gives a sort of scientific approach to this advertisement which is all the more significant. The renewal of cells that are taking place within a human body is similarly a claim that DNAge is making and which is easily comprehensible by the women who would use it once they are able to buy it off the rack (Greenland, 2003). The word ‘New’ on the top of the advertisement and just beneath the caption suggests that DNAge is a product that has either changed itself completely or has come up with a new formula to defeat anti-ageing. The semiotic analysis therefore depends a great deal not only on the visual but also the copy that comes along with it in the advertisement. An argument that can be made here regarding this advertisement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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