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The debts deal's failure by Fareed Zakaria - Essay Example

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The study is based on doing an analysis of the time magazine article “The Debt Deal's Failure” by Fareed Zakaria. When Fareed Zakaria wrote this article back in the latter part of 2011, he did so mostly from what the researcher believes to be a staunch Democratic supporter point of view…
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The debts deals failure by Fareed Zakaria
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Extract of sample "The debts deal's failure by Fareed Zakaria"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that one must note before reading the aforementioned article that Mr. Fareed Zakaria is not your run of the mill reporter, observer, or opinion columnist. He is a highly regarded member of the journalistic field whose credentials include being the host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria, editor at large of Time Magazine, an all too important columnist of The Washington Post, and author of such famous works as The Post American World and The Future of Freedom. Mr. Zakaria started off his argumentative essay by presenting the facts as he knew them to be true to his readers. The information that he presented, about the filibustering in the legislative house and the constant bickering between the Republican and Democratic parties on the floor was information that could easily be gleaned from reading the newspapers or watching the daily news shows. The information that our debt ceiling was being held hostage by politics was something that came as surprisingly new for most of us. Mainly because we had always been used to seeing these two parties managing to find some middle ground within which to work from for the benefit of many. Sadly, it seems that the era of old, open communication, and amicable settlement politics is now an era of the past. These days, our national politics is, according to Zakaria has become a world wide failure because we can no longer make our political system work for ourselves. He continues to explain how our debt crisis would have been solved during the time of Reagan, Clinton and other previous American leaders: This is how Congress used to work: grand bipartisan bargains to solve difficult problems with compromises by both sides. This is not nostalgia. It is how the system worked in the 1980s and '90s to save Social Security, reform the tax code, rationalize immigration policy and close hundreds of military bases. (Zakaria, Fareed, The Debt Deal's Failure) Mr. Fareed does his utmost best within the article in order to present even the most complicated of economic discussions in terms that lay people such are ourselves can easily understand. He has a grasp of the current economic situation that allows him to present a highly readable and focused piece that in the end, allows the reader to contemplate the reality of our economic situation locally and its effects on our nation worldwide. That is not an easy task for somebody as highly educated as Mr. Fareed and yet he manages to pull it off with each written paragraph in his commentary. He does not try to sway his reader towards one politicial inclination or another, he merely provides all of the information that he has on hand to help his reader come to certain conclusions on his own. The Debt Deal's Failure (Zakaria, Time Magazine) does its best to present an unbiased opinion on the topic. It however, fails dismally in that aspect because Mr. Zakaria makes it very clear from the get go that he is a firm believer in the economic programs of the Democrats and that the Republicans should be viewed as the bad guys who ran our economy into the ground. He often does argumentative analysis of the performance of the presidents Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and finally Barack Obama in relation to increasing our countries debt woes. I find it quite disturbing that he was able to present factual data on the spending and borrowing for the Republican presidents but then failed to do the same for the Democrat president. It is highly impossible that our debt managed to balloon into the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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