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-Social justice/ political issues in Africa - Research Paper Example

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Diamonds, oil fluorspar etc. are among many resources that African countries possess. Regardless of these wealthy resources that it…
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-Social justice/ political issues in Africa
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Extract of sample "-Social justice/ political issues in Africa"

Download file to see previous pages Many African countries are faced with immense challenges and setbacks which deter the continent to economically grow and improve in terms of the general lifestyle of their citizens. These factors have caused the continent a huge deal rendering it to wallow in the shadows of poor political, social and economic standards.
The colonization of African countries by European nations has had a never ending impact on the economic and political status on the nations. The occupation of African countries that occurred during the colonial period partitioned the continent leading to the emergence clear demarcation of regions by the imperial powers (Gertzel, 15). This legacy has been considered to be one of the ultimate causes of African instability in the present days. The borders which are evident today have led to emergence of a variety of cultural groups which are divided in their interests, beliefs practices and norms leading to the rebellion. African nations are divided beyond ethic groups, religion and races which have proven to be a menace to the economy. For example in countries like Rwanda and Burundi the r has been tribal clashes due to the scramble for power and resources. Lack of unity among people of African countries has raised a lot of concern.
The main aim of the colonial rule was to take advantage of the resources available on African lands. The exploitation of the resources lead to huge tones of agricultural products being exported to European nations for industrial processing thus a huge boost to the economy of the developed nations of the north. Consequently, the processed products were later imported to African countries for sell on a much higher price. This has in turn led to an upraise culture of African countries overdependence on industrial products of the European states to date. There has been a perpetual drain of the resources through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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