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How the specifics of social network relate to that of the Not So collective associations - Essay Example

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The Cultural Theory: How the Specifics of Social Network relate to that of the ‘Not So’ Collective Associations There is no doubt in the fact that with the passage of time the number of developments taking place in our society is increasing like the fire which spreads by itself…
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How the specifics of social network relate to that of the Not So collective associations
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Extract of sample "How the specifics of social network relate to that of the Not So collective associations"

Download file to see previous pages These aspects include; our history, our culture, our religion, our traditions, our education and our political establishments. The reasons behind the evolution of such theories are as far stretched as the earth could be, but basically they depend on the beliefs which are held by diverse scholars and thinkers of our regions. With reference to the subject matter of the ‘Cultural Theory’, this paper will provide an interpretation in accordance to the formulation of the evolution of the social networks and how they relate to our cultural evaluations and representations. As Williams believed that some of the major historical and philosophical issues construct such statements (2003: pp.1) as that which is under presentation in this paper, thus, through brief examinations and verifications in the words of Williams presented by Ayrey and Everist “the specifics of works relate to structures which are not the works” (2007: pp.301) have been explicated in this paper. After the examination of Williams’s outlook on the cultural theory various point of views can be put forth with regard to the subject of social networks which has been chosen. But in order to understand how the two areas or the focal points intersect the familiarization of the basic characterization and explanation of both the terms is necessary. Thus, the first or foremost term to be classified is ‘Culture’. This question and its answer hold immense importance as it is such a part of any community that identifies its existence. Hence, this statement itself verifies what culture is but to be on cleat terms the expression ‘Culture’ has been identified by Kalman as the way the human beings live and the roots which construct their methods of interaction, lifestyle and beliefs (2009: pp.4) Therefore, culture is essentially the part which makes the way of living the life for human beings and this major ingredient is put forth, and represented by human beings to signify their background and their relationship with their milieu. Whereas, the second term which needs to be classified is ‘Social Network’, thus, it has been elucidated as ‘all those sources or methods through which people communicate and interact with each other for both formal and informal causes’. Thus, these sources could be web-based technologies, applications or softwares which enable human beings to interrelate to each other. There is an enormous and astonishingly significant relationship between the above to mentioned terms. With the passage of time people are recognizing the values of their cultures and traditions and alongside they are being provided a large number of opportunities to represent their culture. These opportunities if devoured in a positive manner can cause an extremely constructive effect on the various cultures of the people throughout the world, on the other hand if consumed negatively could definitely prove as a root of off-putting results. But the most important fact is that the cultural promotion and propagation is starting to be affected more and more by these advancements of the interactive sources. Thus the relationship of social network to that of the representation of our culture and our backgrounds is linked through the cultural theory of Williams. How so? This is due to the fact that along with the modernization of our society the methods of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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