British Petroleum (BP) and its corporate Image - Term Paper Example

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Course: Instructor Name: CORPORATE IMAGE A corporate image of any company refers to how the company is ostensible. It refers to the original identity of any company that sets it apart from the others in the market, and what the public perceives it to be; its principals and its place in the market…
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British Petroleum (BP) and its corporate Image
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Download file to see previous pages Every company needs a market and a public where to sell its products. This would only be possible if the company is known to the public, and they have a picture in their minds regarding it. This picture has to be positive; otherwise it could cost the company. A positive image increases a company’s credibility. This image is somewhat build through advertising, where the company portrays itself. Such advertising is not sales-oriented, but takes the help of the public relations department to promote a better reputation and name-awareness of the company. Corporate advertising uses strategies to build a sense of buoyancy and fascination among the consumers’ as well as the others in the industry. The whole company is advertised and branded, not just the products and services. Corporate image is an amalgamated psychological image, which continues to change, according to the firm’s products, strategies, media coverage and other events. The corporate image is a public opinion of the company, and does not necessarily echo the company’s actual image, size or position. Corporate image is flexible and can change unexpectedly. It could go from best to worst, in hours, because of any scandal or any news, even fake, that found its way into the media, and that highlights a negative aspect of the firm. For example, in the 1990s The Food Lion supermarket faced a scandal that accused the store of unhygienic practices, which was a fraud; but the store was forced to withdraw from the Houston, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex markets, which it had recently entered, because of bad publicity. Or it could go from worst to good overnight, by a feature printed in the Wall Street Journal, or any other newspaper; written by a reporter who was impressed by your services. It is very unpredictable. Companies use advertising techniques to improve their depiction. Brands represent a philosophy; for example The Apple Computer Company has survived a lot of ups and downs, regarding its corporate image. Apple appealed to those computer users who were innovative and creative, who wanted to see themselves as unique and free-spirited people. Apple also faced complains and criticism for its iPhone 4, where there was a connectivity problem. Apple refused to accept that it was a technical error, instead asked the consumers that iPhones have to be held differently. Nowadays, the public relations departments are also involved in positive corporate image building. CORPORATE IMAGE AFFECTS BUSINESS SALES Corporate image helps consumers remember your company. How will people buy your products or services if they are not even aware that your company exists. According to the Gallup Poll, companies today are only 16% responsible, as compared to the 70% in 1968 (Argenti 5). In business, what matters most is what the public thinks and beliefs; and the public trust is what must be upheld and should not be broken. (Argenti 11) The public trust in global companies is going in negative numbers. The statistics have been calculated by subtracting the percentage of distrust from the percentage of trust, expressed by the public during surveys. This shows that the public no longer trust the global companies, to upheld their rights and cater to their needs. (Argenti 15) Companies having good standing are more likely to achieve and maintain their status and public trust in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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