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PR strategy: THE Tank a day challenge - Essay Example

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University assignment only Public Relations Strategy - 2011 Insert your name here Axiom Strategic Communications A public relations strategy prepared for: BlueScope Steel Executive Summary Bluescope Steel, which is a market leader in the sector, is proud of its efforts to have established and pursued its commitment to the environment and the society through its water conservation project, which has involved about 500,000 primary school students in an ongoing water conservation education and training…
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PR strategy: THE Tank a day challenge
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Download file to see previous pages The campaign will be focusing on its dedication to corporate social responsibility while also providing a valuable information base to a variety of audiences regarding water consumption and sustainability. The target audience of this campaign is/will be the parents of primary school children. Also targeted will be industry and the general population since the problem with water consumption affects the entire country. The financial cost of this initiative will be overcome by donations made by sponsors. This will be achieved by approaching industry leaders to volunteer to become campaign sponsors and establishing long-term relationships with these businesses. If the donations achieve the expected returns, the entire campaign will run for a period of six months. This will be sufficient in repositioning the company’s reputation in the market; taking it to the AMR Top 50 Companies list and providing more business revenues in the long-run. Enabling active participation of the general public is yet another essential step for the long term success of the campaign. Therefore, paid and volunteer groups will be trained to take part in the wider parent training program. CONTENTS Page Executive Summary 1 Situation Analysis 3 Strategy Goals 5 Objectives 5 Target Publics 5 Messages 6 Message Strategies 7 Tactics 7 Implementation Budget 10 Timeline 12 Evaluation 13 Situation Analysis BlueScope Steel is attempting to bolster its position as a market leader in its operating industry by conducting charitable activities associated with corporate social responsibility. The Tank-a-Day Challenge has, since its 2009 inception, brought a better ranking to the business in AMR Australia’s Top 50 Companies moving it from 10th to 8th place. Over one-third of Australian schools have adopted the Tank-a-Day Challenge with over 500,000 students completing the online water saving quiz provided by the company. To further improve its corporate ranking in the Top 50 Companies and also to also support the environment, the message should be much more diverse. Drought-stricken Australia is plagued by water consumption problems (Baker, 2011; Polintan, 2011) that impacts everyone in the community, from the everyday consumer to the industry. There has not been a single person in the community who has not been affected by the added costs of water usage and the risks associated with depleting city and regional water systems. Because the problem impacts everyone, it is necessary to adjust the current public relations campaign to target a broader audience unlike the previous campaign which targeted solely the younger generation. Multi-national supermarket Tesco has found considerable marketing success in a similar campaign involving water recovery systems on the roof of its facilities, creating new sustainability practices that have improved their revenue production (Chilton, Maidment, Marriott, Francis and Tobias 2000). Because of this campaign’s impact on positive outputs during the dissemination of sustainability practices, BlueScope will model some of the same marketing concepts benchmarked against Tesco’s sustainability model. The upcoming campaign is modelled for youth audiences ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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