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The negative impacts of internet on teenagers in the United States - Essay Example

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The negative impacts of internet on teenagers in the United States.
Although teen use of internet has conventionally been referred to as a positive attitude, yet the potential harmful impacts on the children are often overlooked…
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The negative impacts of internet on teenagers in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Risks associated with internet for teenagers are far more profound than with any other kind of media due to the ease of accessibility to the harmful content that the internet provides the children with. Based on the view of about 85 per cent of the parents, the National Altitudinal Poll identified the internet as the number one concern for the parents (Common Sense Media cited in Louge 2). Internet has provided the children with the opportunity to view and past whatever they feel like without having the parents realize it. Internet is frequently used by the American children to distribute sexually explicit material both their own and that of the others that they get to lay their hands on. Sex trafficking and various kinds of sex crimes have increased in number manifolds as the use of internet among the children has increased. “The Internet is transforming the experience of growing up in America. It is also transforming the job of being a parent in America. The Internet brings the world — the good, the bad, and the ugly — to the American family’s doorstep. It brings the ruins of ancient Athens to that doorstep, but it also brings the red light district of Bangkok” (Third Way Culture Project). This paper identifies the various the negative impacts of internet on teenagers in United States. ...
Thus, when they are away from the internet, they are depressed and their senses are revived only when they are using the internet. In this sense, they become addicted to the internet. They know that they ought to limit the time they spend on the internet and yet cannot help using the internet all day long because they experience unpleasant emotions when they are not using it. Internet remains in their conscious sense full time in one way or another. Either they are thinking what movie they would download next, which friend they would reply next or what statement they would place on their Facebook profiles. Excessive use of internet has become a very common thing among the young generation in the US. This behavior of unusually high association with the internet is commonly referred to in such terms as compulsive use of internet, pathological use of internet, problematic use of internet, computer addiction, internet dependence and net addiction. Declining academic performance Internet addiction has many unfavorable outcomes one of which happens to be the negative impact of it on an individual’s academic performance. Because of the excessive use of internet, the child is not able to concentrate upon the studies. Studies demand time and attention and yet are very boring. On the other hand, internet activities are very interesting and encourage one to indulge in them because they are also energizing and intellectual in many ways. Thus, the individual’s craving for knowledge and enhancing the skills is sufficiently satisfied by using internet. Thus, the time that the children should spend on their studies is wasted in playing online games, socializing on the social media websites and downloading and watching movies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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