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Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut - Coursework Example

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The paper "Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut" highlights that the most important factor which leads teenagers to involve in gang violence is the abusive lifestyle of their parents. The violent outburst occurring at homes can induce the teenagers to adopt it…
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Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut
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Extract of sample "Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut"

Download file to see previous pages Connecticut is one such state which is following other states and seeing an increase in teenager based gang violence. The teenager involving in gang violence in Connecticut is slowly increasing and the families and government of the city have a great responsibility to fight this social evil.
As per (Hearst Communications)“Connecticut is not immune to gang violence issue. According to the Department of Public Health, 10 percent of teens surveyed were in a physically violent dating relationship last year; 17 percent were in an emotionally abusive dating relationship”. The teenagers in Connecticut City are slowly getting violent and major blame could be put on the domestic violence occurring in the homes of the state. Dating violence and atrocities at colleges and universities are the major concerns for the government and parents in the city. Teenagers can get violent for many reasons and mostly they get an affinity towards violence when they see the same at their homes.
Recently gang violence has spread to many communities in the United States and Connecticut is one of the city joined the group. In the United States, much of the violence is caused by youth gangs. They create violence in neighborhood and schools where they are more active and interact commonly. According to (Brown) “The police in many Connecticut cities only had to look inside the schools to see that the problem of youth violence is on the rise. There more fights resulting in violence over little things and more violence involving girls”. It is also seen that these violent youths get access to guns as they are sold on the streets. Children as young as 14 years old possess a gun and using it at the unpredictable situation which gives rise to injury and fatal killing.
The fights among teenagers start on petty things and move on to become a deadly encounter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut Coursework - 1.
(Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut Coursework - 1)
Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut Coursework - 1.
“Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut Coursework - 1”.
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