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Do interactive media change socialisation - Essay Example

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The continuous development of technology worldwide has influenced all human activities; communication and socialization had also to change in order to meet the needs of people, as differentiated because of the advances of technology…
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Do interactive media change socialisation
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Download file to see previous pages Interactive media have introduced new modes of socialization. In order to understand the role of interactive media in changing socialization it would be necessary to refer primarily to the context of interactive media, as a modern way of communication. Traditionally, media were used for informing the public on a series of issues. In other words, in their initial form media promoted the one-way communication with the public. However, through the Internet, the role of the media changed; this change was combined with the appearance of interactive media, a common form of media in countries worldwide. More specifically, Internet introduced the two-way communication with the public, a feature that is particularly valuable for the development of commercial transactions, but also for other activities, as analytically explained below. Before examining the relationship between interactive media and socialization, it would be necessary to present the context of socialization as an element of societies with different cultural and social characteristics. In accordance with Andersen et al. ‘socialization is the process by which human beings learn the social expectations of society’....
Before examining the relationship between interactive media and socialization, it would be necessary to present the context of socialization as an element of societies with different cultural and social characteristics. In accordance with Andersen et al. (2007) ‘socialization is the process by which human beings learn the social expectations of society’ (Andersen et al. 2007, p.107). It is also explained that the power of socialization is significant, being able to affect the behavior and the perceptions of people at different social levels. Socialization is closely related to the social environment of each individual; in fact, socialization is depended on the activities of various persons or groups of people, that are known as ‘socialization agents’ (Andersen et al. 2007, p.107); the most common socialization agents are the following ones: ‘the family, the media, the sports and the school’ (Andersen et al. 2007, p.107). In accordance with Milne et al. (1999) socialization is one of the key human needs – along with information and entertainment needs; reference is made to the needs of humans as members of a society and not to the needs related to the survival. In the context of their socialization needs, humans are likely to develop conversations with their friends. Interactive media changed the above mode of socialization in the following way: through the chat rooms people can discuss not just to their friends but also to unknown people from all over the planet (Milne et al. 1999, p.138). This means that anonymity is not anymore a barrier for discussing personal issues. The above alteration of socialization has been negatively criticized as setting important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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