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Graphics Processing: PC and Xbox One - Coursework Example

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This paper “Graphics Processing: PC and Xbox One” will attempt to look at the differences between the graphics in personal computers and the Xbox One. In order to do that, the author will review the evolution of graphics over the years, delve deeper into the basic elements of graphics…
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Graphics Processing: PC and Xbox One
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Download file to see previous pages The frame buffer stores the image as a pattern of binary numbers which of are used to represent pixels or an array of a picture element. For instance, the frame buffer may store black pixels as “1” while the white pixels are stored as “0”. The display controller reads the successive bytes of data from the frame buffer and converts it to a string of 0’s and 1’s hence producing corresponding video signals. The signals are fed into the monitor thus producing black and white images.  The display controller repeats the procedure about 30 times a second so as to produce a steady image on the screen. This is referred to as frames per second (fps). Interactive graphics permit high bandwidth interaction between the user and the computer. In turn, it enhances our ability to comprehend data, perceive trends and visual images as real objects. In addition, graphics make it possible to reproduce high-end results that are precise and have greater productivity hence lowers the cost of analysis and design. The main characteristic of passive graphics is that graphical operations can transfer automatically without the intervention of the operator. It is a one-way form of communication between the user and the computer. In this case, the pictures are produced on the monitor and the user has no method or form of control over the images being produced. A case in hand that serves as an example of passive graphics are the images in a television. The computer interface design plays an integral part in defining the modern day computing. Hem (2013) highlights that the graphical user interface (GUI) plays a vital role in the overall user satisfaction with the software or the computer itself. The severity and importance of GUI have made the programmers and system designers take into account the importance of graphics in design. A graphical element in this context includes windows, cursors, labels, buttons, and menus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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