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While Mac and Personal Computers (PCs) have both their advantages and disadvantages, when choosing one or the other it really comes down to what purpose it will serve the user. There are both external and internal differences that really set the two types of computers apart. One…
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Difference between Mac and PC
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Mac and PC: A Comparison While Mac and Personal Computers (PCs) have both their advantages and disadvantages, when choosing one or the other it really comes down to what purpose it will serve the user. There are both external and internal differences that really set the two types of computers apart. One of the more obvious physical differences, as well as internal, between the two computer types is that Mac was made to be used for more artistic endeavors, such as music, filmmaking, and the designing of computer graphics. It comes equipped with programs that can benefit artists of any field, as well as a fairly large minimum storage capacity. PC, however, was made more for businesses outside of artistic fields, with many people favoring the word processing programs that PC has to offer (Pegoraro, 2006). The other physical aspect is the designs - Macs have only a handful of designs, each based on which model you buy, while PC has dozens of different models and customization options.
The real differences can be found within the different computer models. Within a Mac, every component, wire, and chip is manufactured from the same company ("What is", 2009). Within a PC, everything comes from a different company. Less problems are had with Mac, including a substantial lack of viruses, due to the fact that everything is created and programmed by the same people. If something goes wrong with any piece, it just needs to be sent and repaired by one company. With a PC, unfortunately, while the computer can be sent back to the computers brand name company, it will still need repaired by the proper company depending on the damaged component.
Due to the fact that Mac is created by one company and PC is created by many, Mac has less software to offer, as it needs to be manufactured by their name company. PC can accept just about any software, given the fact that it is more versatile. This is perhaps one of the reasons why more people do prefer a PC, with the exception of those that are using Mac solely for artistic purposes. As aforementioned, one of the perks about Mac only being capable of using Mac/Apple products is that the computer has a less chance of contracting viruses. Even when it does obtain a virus, it causes less harm than it would to a PC (Pogue, 2005). Furthermore, there are very few programs that are dual-compatible, meaning they work on both systems. These programs are few and far between, and have proven to be damaging to whichever system it is being used on, especially if it had been on the other operating system prior to its second use.
The biggest difference between the two computer types, however, is in the pricing. For the price of one Mac, someone could purchase two very good PCs (Elmer-DeWitt, 2009). While those that purchase a Mac would be getting their moneys worth, those who purchase a PC would be getting more than they paid for, especially since the prices of PCs continue to drop as the prices for Mac only increase. On the other hand, while PCs come equipped with only trial software, Mac comes equipped with full versions of many well-known programs (Hesseldahl, 2009). A consumer may be paying more for a Mac, but upon purchasing a PC, they would have to go out and buy all of the software that they need.
In conclusion, both computers, price-wise, can equal out to the same thing. What the consumer needs to pay attention to when deciding which operating system they would rather work with is what they actually plan on doing with their computer. For those who work in artistic fields, they would probably feel more comfortable with a Mac. For those who need a good work processor or organizer should consider a PC.
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