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Graphics - Essay Example

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It provides majors with a list of disciplines one may choose from academically but is it the information from one college, city or country remains a mystery. In addition, the figures seem confusing as they…
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Extract of sample "Graphics"

Answers to Questions Q4 (a) The graphic does not indicate the exact purpose of the table presented. It provides majors with a list of disciplines onemay choose from academically but is it the information from one college, city or country remains a mystery. In addition, the figures seem confusing as they are neither titled as numbers in thousands nor are presented as the currency amount paid/received in a specified time period. In order to modify this table, I would revise the presentation by adding colors to the titles, provide exact unit of measure (i.e. in dollars or numbers of people enrolled, or the amount of money spent/received) and finally I would provide the information that is to be communicated in its right kind by an appropriate main title which can be ‘list of majors enrolled in at XYZ university’ or ‘amount of revenues earned per discipline by XYZ college’.
Q 4(b)
In this graphical illustration of data, I feel that the title is effective but the graphic chosen for its presentation is certainly less effective. The exact numbers which seemed to be the major information to be communicated is not provided. I would revise it with a format for presentation with clear mention of the exact numbers under each wing of the armed forces, as required. I would further use colors to highlight the title. In addition, I would place the title below the figure (p. 328). Furthermore, I would include a source of this information presented as it seems to be taken from either a governmental or any other published source.
Q4 (c)
The pie chart seems to exhibit the breakdown of costs at Hillway Corporation. I would recommend changing the color scheme by using different saturations of the same color for each slice of the pie chart. I would further label each slice with the exact percentage of total cost that is being calculated for the expense head mentioned. I would further separate the slice for salaries to emphasize on the highest cost factor for Hillway Corporation. I would further place the largest slice on the top and move in the clockwise direction arranging the slices in descending order as per their relevant sizes. I would further recommend labeling the slices horizontally inside with percentage and name of the expense in the give data. 2D pie chart is recommended for clearer indication on the sizes of each slice as they relate to the breakdown of expenses or any other data provided.
Q4 (d)
Although line charts are more useful in understanding the changes that are seen over time, the individual costs can also be illustrated of the PC components as provided. I would recommend a pie chart for the cost breakdown of PC in the mentioned components rather than the line chart used that shows trends and changes more effectively.
The damage done by Hurricane Katrina is significantly higher than the combined damage done by other hurricanes specifically San Felipe, Camille, Andrew and Ivan in terms of homes and property damages. However, the death rate remained the highest during San Felipe with 2,750 deaths reported. Ivan seems to be the least damaging hurricane in terms of property loss and death rates. Hurricane Katrina, however, seems to be the most devastating with 300,000 homes destroyed and a property damage of 96 billion dollars reported . These figures are significantly higher than the combined effect of other hurricanes reported in the history of U.S. Read More
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