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Technology, Language & Writing - Literature review Example

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The review "Technology, Language & Writing" delves into the importance of technology to learning and language practices. The discussion focuses on the advantages of online Cloud computing and online libraries to hasten one’s assigned tasks and responsibilities.
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Technology, Language & Writing
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Extract of sample "Technology, Language & Writing"

Download file to see previous pages Today, society’s trend is to maximize the benefits of cloud computing. A Gartner report conducted last January 2013 indicated that cloud computing usage will rise by an estimated 20 percent during 2014. The rise equates to a $155 billion market share. Every aspect of human existence in our current 21st Century life requires the use of online cloud computing services. Several organizations use cloud computing to improve their services. Organizations in the field of business use cloud computing services. Entities involved in the research and development activities advantageous use the cloud computing environment. Healthcare uses online healthcare sources found in cloud computing services to enhance the patients’ health conditions. Businesses use cloud computing in their e-commerce transactions (Bilal et al. 10).
Further, the school’s shift to the online library system reduces the cost of paying employees working in the physical library’s school-related book information (Bilal et al. 10). The school uploads the eBooks and other library-related files in their chosen cloud database alternative. With the uploading of the online library eBooks, the students do not need the help of the library personnel. The job of the physical library personnel is to locate the physical library borrower’s preferred physical books. Next, the physical library personnel will let the library borrower sign their library card as proof that they are required to return the physical books at the scheduled deadline date. With the shift to the online cloud-based library, the physical delivery of the students’ preferred books is eliminated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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