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Is the Internet Ruining English - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "Is the Internet Ruining English" touches upon the phenomenon that English is damaged by the Internet communication. It is stated here that the web is changing the language but that does not mean it is ruining English. …
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Is the Internet Ruining English
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Extract of sample "Is the Internet Ruining English"

Download file to see previous pages Why should be English be afraid of the internet? If the changes and additions in the language have been accepted in the past, the only noticeable issue with internet and English is the speed of the former, meaning how it has accelerated the process. This cannot be attributed to the negative trait. One cannot expect the internet--savvy modern combustible younger generation to read William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. If they creative computer games, it is their choice. The language perfectionists argue that text messaging has spoiled the beauty of communications through grammatically perfect language and through complete sentences. One who sends the message is certainly not writing a paper for the competitive examination. If texts are filled with abbreviation and the one who reads that text perfectly understands the message conveyed, the purpose is served. Such practice was also vogue in the good old days when people sent telegrams with short and crisp messages. When small children lisp and try to communicate, will not the elders enjoy that communication? The longevity and popularity of such communications relate to their unequivocal acceptance. Formulation of new words is like finding of a new star in the galaxy. Once it is found, it has to be admitted as part of the galaxy and it is the permanent member of the star formations.
The argument that technospeak will rule at the cost of standards and creativity, is a wishful thinking.Even assuming that globalization will impose sameness if that is for the betterment of humankind, there is nothing wrong with it. Just like the members of a family speak one language, the “global family” when it adopts certain uniform computer terminologies, it will be for greater good. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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