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The Role of Information Technology in Influencing a Firms Business Strategy - Research Paper Example

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In this report, the role of information technology in helping BlackBerry Ltd engage in the best business strategy has been reviewed. The current position of the company where it has lost its market position to key competitors has been found to have its solution in the pragmatic use of e-business…
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The Role of Information Technology in Influencing a Firms Business Strategy
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Extract of sample "The Role of Information Technology in Influencing a Firms Business Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages The major weakness of the company as a greater part of its market revenues and turnovers depend directly on how well the company is able to understand its customers and the market behavior of today’s competitive global environment. Even though it remains a fact that not much has been done in the last five years to take advantage of e-business opportunities, there is still room for improvement for BlackBerry in becoming a market leader. To do this, it is recommended for the company to focus on the differentiation cost leadership strategic option in launching its e-business strategies. This is because, with this strategic option, it will become possible for the company to compete with its market leaders by presenting both what the consumer finds to be different and affordable as compared to what competitors offer.
The kind of business strategy used by a company is an important determinant of market performance. This is because business strategies must be made in a way that rightly identifies the opportunities of the company on the market and how the company can take advantage of these. In today’s competitive global environment, information technology (IT) has become so important in the conduct of business that doing business without IT is virtually something that cannot happen (Nicholas Carr, 2003). But as companies engage in the use of IT, it is important that the right targets of business engagement be done. In the case of BlackBerry, the company is seen to have a lot of potentials when it comes to e-business. This is because apart from the fact that the company operates in the IT industry, it is currently challenged in terms of market competition. Meanwhile, when IT is used to influence a firm’s business strategy, it is possible to come out with a precise business plan that addresses the specific market needs of the company and what needs to be done right within the company to ensure growth (Day, Fein and Rubbersberger, 2003).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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