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Smartphone Technology Moral and Ethical Implications - Term Paper Example

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In the essay “Smartphone Technology Moral and Ethical Implications,” the author looks at the positive and negative aspects of the use of the technology. The modern day technology blessed humanity with a wide range of products. Nevertheless, smartphones are one of the most influential technologies…
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Smartphone Technology Moral and Ethical Implications
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, a product cannot be held responsible for the way it is used. Nevertheless, the user can be. This logical argument provides support to the presumption that humans are mainly responsible for the negative utilization of smartphones, which were designed to facilitate information exchange. However, the nature of this information depends on people. On the other hand, every individual possesses his or her own judgment about various facets of life, which significantly influence his or her decisions (Nicholson, 2011). It is the case with the use of smartphones, as some people consider them as the mean of education and others take them as entertainment. Nevertheless, there is no doubt concerning smartphones’ successfulness, because they introduced the e-guidance, e-shopping, and e-health. Along with these benefits emerged the luxury of e-socializing, which revolutionized the art of information sharing. At the same time, information technology is growing rapidly, transforming the world into a global village (Martin, 2012). However, in this era of technology, mobile phones are among the most fascinating advancements, which made it possible for people to experience the warmth of their close ones regardless of how far they are. Notably, smartphones not only let us make phone calls but also provide a facility of a game console, along with a wide range of applications such as word processing and other similar capabilities. At the same time, these little devices can store and process large amounts of data. Because of this reason, they are considered as mini-computers. Smart-phones are also featured with a browser, which provides a great help while traveling – it makes possible to have access to traffic updates, directions and other similar kinds of information. In the light of this observation, smartphones can be considered as sources of stress relieving in human life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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