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Smartphones - Research Paper Example

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It can work as a mobile communication device, as a personal digital assistant, GPS unit, media player among others. It can therefore be used to make phone calls, do transactions…
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Extract of sample "Smartphones"

Teacher Smartphones A smart phone is a mobile phone that has the features of a computer due to its advance technology. It can work as a mobile communication device, as a personal digital assistant, GPS unit, media player among others. It can therefore be used to make phone calls, do transactions online, update contact list, take pictures and videos, surf the web and other activities with its many different applications afforded by its technological advancements.
The use of smartphone is now prevalent worldwide. According to Neil Mawtson, also a strategy analyst, the use of smartphone has increased worldwide to the point that one in every seven people around the world own a good smartphone (Reisinger). Its use have virtually permeated both in the corporate, and everyday life of people. In a corporate settings, it makes the employees more productive because it supplements their working tools. Smartphones help employees open their mails, communicate and collaborate with each other in addition to allowing them to working remotely. Among students, smartphones have also became popular because of its usefulness to their studies. In addition to making phone calls and texts to friends and love ones, smartphones also assist students in the universities and colleges to connect with their instructors in various activities such as giving assignments, rescheduling classes and even provides the opportunities to ask clarifications questions about the subject or a certain homework. The connectivity enhancements afforded by the call, text and internet features of the smartphones facilitates learning. Through this facility, tutors and instructors can now give assignments to students through the internet without the necessity of physical contact. Students can also ask question from the tutor and/or instructors without personally meeting them and could submit the homework or academic requirement without physical contact. In the process, students need not need to visit the library physically to search for research materials they need because they can use the internet to browse through the library. Students can also check their grades online using their smartphones and can even enroll and pay their tuition using their smartphones. In fact, smart phones are now required to fully avail of universities’ services. These services include the online libraries, students online registration, and e-learning (Hingorani, Kamal, Woodard, Donald and Askari-Danesh 36).
The applications in smartphone are also useful in school as well as our everyday life. For example, the application of stopwatches in our smartphones help us to carry out scientific experiments without the necessity of carrying a real stopwatch in the lab. It can also help us time our exercise in the gym or any other activity without buying a new stopwatch. Its record facility can also enable students to record explanations during lectures to for review. Or, it could be used by a journalist to record interviews. In the class, instructors may prefer using the mobile phones to send scanned exercises such as mathematics that have many diagrams and formulas or photographed assignments then post it on the school website for students to download via the internet some. The use of the smartphone is still continuing to evolve and the students, as well as the professionals may yet to discover its full potential.
Work Cited
Hingorani, Kamal, Woodard, Donald and Askari-DaneshNasrin. “Exploring How Smartphones Support Students’ Lives.”Issues in Information Systems. 2012. 13(2): 33-40 pdf
Don Reisinger ‘Worldwide Smartphones user base hits 1 billion’ by 17 October 2012. CNET web. 3 April 2015. Read More
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