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Information Technology Sector - East African Market - Case Study Example

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This paper "Information Technology Sector - East African Market" focuses on the radical growth of the IT sector across Africa which has created myriad opportunities for investment. Some of these opportunities exist in several sectors where IT has become of much value these days. …
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Information Technology Sector - East African Market
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Download file to see previous pages In any case, Information technology is the basis for business growth and provides the ground for such growth (Costa 2011). Across East Africa and the rest of Africa, it has been realized that organizations that have invested effectively in Information Technology are normally ahead of the park in terms of business operations and thereby capture a larger share of the market.
Like the rest of Africa, East Africa has continued to lag behind as the world progresses in the adoption of modern technology especially in the Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT). Hopefully, this trend is now changing as the opportunities for investment in this fundamental area are being identified. It is believed that in just a few years, Africa shall become a hub of ICT outsourcing like India and China (Grembergen 2011). One of the greatest shortages that have been affecting the East African region in relation to the growth of Information Technology is a relatively low number of specialists in the field. Although the colleges in this region churn out many graduates per year, few of these people are able to cope up with the fast changing IT field which is characterized by new realities that seem to emerge each day. Many opportunities for investment exist in training specialists in project management and in general IT management skills.
Several gaps exist in the East African Market where practical IT investment can become necessary. Investment opportunities exist in the provision of fast internet services in all the East African countries. For instance in Uganda, most schools are today computerized. A growing number of the population is becoming more computer literate. However, it is realized that the cost of the internet is still very expensive especially in the rural areas. The high computer literacy coupled with the low internet infrastructure translates into very definite business opportunities in the region. The number of reliable internet service providers is still low while the cost is very high.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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