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Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology - Coursework Example

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This coursework "Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology" describes the revolutionizing of peer-peer and peer-lay information exchange, decentralization, exchange of ideas, and spread of information. …
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Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology"

Download file to see previous pages First and foremost communication has been advanced by the use of the internet in the 21st century and has significantly increased the amount of information that has been transferred and exchanged throughout the world. Thus the first impact which touches on science and technology greatly increases in the volume of information being exchanged globally. Internet communication today plays an interactive role which is by far the most important impact. This is particularly in the field of science considering that the production of scientific knowledge is basically a social process that involves sharing information, information collaboration, and the mobilization of outputs. The old hierarchy which was based essentially on email made it possible for instant collaboration and creation of a group. This removed some of the barriers towards cooperation that had existed before and also brought some limitations to science and technology (Hattie, 2009, pp.132-134). The new hierarchies for example cloud computing, have the ability to change the collaboration system further through making the sharing process and multi –authoring of documents much easier and placing of ideas within a social context so as to allow even more people to make contributions. The development and the now potential transformation of the internet have many significant consequences for scientific inventions and this includes the emergence of the new methods of carrying out research by use of the web 2.0 software which has resulted in the term science 2.0. The birth of science 2.0 through collaboration by scientist and the mass dispersal of scientific information gathering, the wisdom of the crowds have enabled a large pool of people to examine the same problem. This process has the ability to diminish the distinction existing between informal and formal processes of creating knowledge.
Communication is a critical factor that has a great impact on future development and the use of science and technology. The change in the face of global communication, in broad terms, has affected science and technology in various ways. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology Coursework.
(Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology Coursework)
Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology Coursework.
“Impacts of Spread of Communication on Science and Technology Coursework”.
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