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Farmer you could look at how crops emerged and transformed societies - Essay Example

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While technology was developing at a fast rate, the people lived mostly with nature and did not attempt to control it. A rapid increase of the population would however make this kind of existence…
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Farmer you could look at how crops emerged and transformed societies
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Extract of sample "Farmer you could look at how crops emerged and transformed societies"

Download file to see previous pages Eurasia and Mesopotamia have contributed to the bulk of world changing developments in the history of man. The question therefore begs as to why this area was the birthplace of so many of the world’s greatest inventions. Eurasia is located on a temperate zone on the Mediterranean Sea as opposed to other climates such as Africa and the Americas which combine a myriad of different climates. This means that vegetation that would thrive in Eurasia would then be more viable since they are subjected to similarities in climate disease and seasons (Butler). A good example of this is the instance of corn cultivation in Mexico, which did not spread to Peru due to their different climatic conditions.
Mesopotamia on the other hand is regarded as the birthplace of agriculture from whence it then spread throughout Eurasia. Mesopotamia is also endowed with favorable climatic conditions that would favor the development of agriculture. The Middle East climate usually consists of cool rainy winters and hot dry summers which made crops adapted by having fast growing and maturing periods due to the short rainy seasons (Lienhard). The plants, which grow that fast usually, are small plants devoid of woody stems that produce cereals in abundance. Mesopotamia also boasts of a variety of self-pollinating crops some of which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. This means that traits which may be good for farming, will be maintained in the crop since there is no cross pollination (Vasey 97). For instance, the attribute of the cereals and pea pods shattering to distribute their seeds as much as possible is the attribute of some not to do so. This would help people to harvest the non-shattering varieties and grow more of them the following season and less of the shattering varieties. The geographical accessibility and good communication of Mesopotamia also meant that new technology could easily and conveniently be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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