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Anonymous: The Voice of the People - Research Paper Example

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The author clearly and critically discusses the Hacker group called “Anonymous,” who they are, what they do, and why they do the things they do. Whenever the Anonymous group is in public, they wear the Vendetta masks. Initially they did it for fun but lately, it appears to be a serious activity…
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Anonymous: The Voice of the People
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Download file to see previous pages In many ways, the Anonymous hackers group has been considered to be an illegal group that tempers with people’s privacy in their computers. In spite of these, the Anonymous hacker group can be considered as a group that fights for peoples writes by confronting companies that do illegal things, especially against the public that no one else would dare. It was reported that the Anonymous hackers threatened a couple of companies. For example, they threatened to reveal secrets about the Zetas drug group. This is a drug group that is known for kidnapping, drug trafficking, murder, terrorism, and many more illegal activities.
The anonymous group, in that case, is not just a hacking group, but also a group that has the public interest at heart. It is a surprise that this group that deals with drugs, kidnapping, murder, and child trafficking, which are all illegal activities, is known, yet no one has taken the initiative to investigate it apart from the Anonymous hackers group who have confronted them. Instead of the FBI and other government bodies seeing this group as an illegal one, it is time, they opened their eyes and see the positive things this group has been doing.
The Anonymous Hackers on another occasion threatened to attack Facebook. Facebook is a site on the internet where people get to communicate, chat and make new friends. The anonymous hackers group clearly stated that their main reason for wanting to attack facebook was because there was no privacy. People have a habit of posting almost anything on the facebook site, regardless of whether it is morally acceptable or not. The step the anonymous group is planning to take is a relevant one because this would help people be cautious about the things they post on a public site, it will help boost morality.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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