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Yet, his supreme creation has always been occupied with the debate on his presence, which has created chaos on Earth. Yet, Krantz calls this association as a result of…
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Old Turtle Story
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, it is vital for humans to handle nature with most peculiar care and respect. Moreover, presence of ancestors and voices of natural entities proclaim the need to preserve them for human survival and future generations. Thus, a supernatural force has always been needed for humans to guide them of their wrong actions.
‘Old Turtle’ by Douglas Wood is a tale which revolves around many themes. However, the most notable of those are two, which declare that the presence of God can be seen and felt in his creation and natural life of Earth has been a power and sign of God’s presence. Since, the inception humans argued about the presence of God and that created a chaos and discord on Earth. Therefore, the author eventually signifies through animals, rock, mountain, river and breeze (every God created entity) that God is present and need not to be seen but felt and believed in. Existence of God, spirits, and life on Earth is closely intertwined and that was the core religious ideas for the preliminary habitants of Earth.
According to Ake HultKrantz, due to geographical location Native American tribes mainly believed in spirits, shamanism, hunting and animal rituals as both cultural and religious practices (12). Same can be observed in ‘The old turtle’ when different animals associated God’s presence in the excellence of their personal trait. In the tale, animals and natural entities like breeze and rocks have voices so to speak of their presence and significance. Thus, wise turtle sums up how to consider mightiness of God at the supreme level of each and every trait of all the species of Earth (Wood). Simultaneously, Native American life style was closely associated to nature (popular perceptions like mother Earth) thus, hunting and belief in spirits were considered religious trait and due to tribal life style differences in religious norms appeared as none of the tribes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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