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What Is Telecommunication - Article Example

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This paper outlines that it becomes all the more challenging when, in view of the nature of technology itself, the sole motive that gears these service providers happens to be that “whoever captures the market first gets away with the biggest share of the stake”. …
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What Is Telecommunication
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Download file to see previous pages Besides competition for capturing markets before the others could do, even in areas where the distances are large and the physical and natural terrains not so hospitable, and challenges like binding their customers to habitually stick to the use of their own products, dealing with the multiple laws and regulations of each penetrated country and retaining their technical staff and not losing them to their rivals, there is one other challenge which is again inherent in the nature of this technology itself. With rapid advancements in its growth, it seems to have eaten up its earlier predecessors. It was like that mythical bird phoenix, which was said to have burnt itself in its nest by singing a song and from its ashes, the new baby Phoenix was born! Take the case of a mobile phone as an innovation which seems to have rendered obsolete the landline communication systems, their connected telephone poles, switchboards and even those who worked for the telephone industry.
The competition itself is the biggest challenge when seen from another perspective since there are so many service providers who already are settled in the market. It has come down to every penny spent by the end user. Every one of them is providing the same facilities and packages but obviously with their own labels and catches for the general public to be able to subscribe too. It is rather the same cure with a different display. Seen from the other end competition has given rise to jobs and more white-collar work than previously were. It has encouraged people to be able to be machine friendly and learn all the desired CRM’s based out to provided customer support and technical assistance. Manufacturing is also a big industry itself where people are being used on specialized labor skills and those who can bare the monotony in any work scenario or are comfortable with it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Is Telecommunication Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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