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Security and Trust in E-business - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Security and Trust in E-business" it is clear that the online users become victims as they are not aware of the authenticity of e-commerce based websites. Security seals add credibility to a website so that the users can see how the company is managing user information…
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Security and Trust in E-business
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Extract of sample "Security and Trust in E-business"

Download file to see previous pages Threats and impacts including the impact on different aspects are discussed along with real-world scenarios that are mentioned in terms of physical and online stealing of identities, online attacks by hackers, impacts of social networking sites if they misuse information or not provide correct security measures. Solutions and suggestions section discuss the solution of issues related to data privacy, SNS impacts and online attacks in order to steal the confidential information of employees.
The Internet continues to modernize the world’s economy. It is apparently changing the way people live, study, work, participate, and devour. At the hub, of this rebellion is technology. Technology has moved from the "back office" to the leading edge. Namely, the interface between the customer and the organization has changed spectacularly. Increasingly, technology is shifting the organization’s associations with its customers from a "face-to-face" to a "screen-to-face" communication. The Internet is not an innovation that concerns only one or two sectors of the economy. Because it revolutionizes the way businesses should prudently systematize their activities and go to market, the Internet affects all economic commotions. The business that operates on the Internet redesigned as ‘Electronic Commerce’, which has a remarkable history. The continuous research and development have enabled corporate organizations to reconstruct their business strategies. The integration of electronic commerce applications lays the foundation in the organization’s digital business process. Moreover, marketers around the globe, have experimented a lot on digital marketing in order to generate sales and customer loyalty. Unfortunately, most of them did not succeed. Likewise, online customers espouse digital technology to be the preferred one for making purchasing decisions. Organizations, keeping this in mind, construct their marketing strategies by re-evaluating their budgets, processes, skills and priorities (Edelman 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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