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Full Paper Title Name University Abstract This report will highlight issues related to personal data privacy and its impacts to facilitate other crimes. Introduction defines the initialization phase of personal data privacy. Study and research demonstrates legal issues personal data privacy acts for European countries and counter measures related to personal data privacy on the Internet…
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Personal Data Privacy
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Download file to see previous pages everyone do not follow an approach to provide personal information to any online organization. Nowadays, an online consumer finds a credible source of websites prior to processing online transactions. Consumers can only judge their credibility by security seals or their international presence around the globe. Unfortunately, no one knows that these organizations do, in order to protect customer data that is stored in their databases. For instance, if a security breach occurs in one of the databases of these organizations, millions of records related to customer personal information and most importantly, credit card numbers will be in control of cyber criminals and hackers. This concludes to a new term that is known as identity and data theft. This is the first major concern of data privacy. Secondly, there are issues where customers are not aware from the pros and cons of providing personal information online. They tend to provide information on unsecure social networking sites and vague online businesses. As a result, they suffer the consequences. This paper will highlight local regulations concerning personal data privacy. ...
36% of consumers would not put personal information online, yet 11% of them have still been a victim of data theft. Only 5% of the UK public surveyed are not worried about data loss. As well as the security of financial data being a concern, 46% of all respondents are most concerned about protecting their medical records, and is highest amongst the 45+ ages 45-plus (52%). Data retrieved from (Lack of Consumer Trust in Data Security in the UK. 2007) After interviewing the people, most people blamed themselves, for making their personal information vulnerable and includes the rating of 60% people blamed retailers, 28% people blamed themselves as they consider that they have exposed their personal information themselves and it is their own fault. Moreover, 12% people blamed financial institutions i.e. banks (Survey Reveals Massive Incidence of Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft; Retailers blamed for making people vulnerable to fraud. 2010). After reviewing these figures, there is also a requirement to create an awareness program for people who tends to provide personal information on the Internet. 3 Impact of Exposing Personal Data The requirement for securing personal data and privacy online is due to many reasons. The first reason incorporates not a single law of how to handle customer data. For instance, if an online company sells products and maintains databases including customer information, they can do whatever they want. Most probably, they can sell data in terms of cash. Every website has a link stated as ‘Website Privacy Policy’, but no one knows exactly, to what extent they are authentic. The practical approach to that privacy policy is a different story. The second most prominent reasons are hacking, viruses, Trojans, spywares, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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