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Analysis Of the Articles about the Mission Of Linkedin - Research Paper Example

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The author analyzes of the articles which shows that the mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive. This is made possible through the use of the organization’s website, mobile applications as well as other related electronic connections…
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Analysis Of the Articles about the Mission Of Linkedin
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Extract of sample "Analysis Of the Articles about the Mission Of Linkedin"

Download file to see previous pages “A contract is an enforceable agreement between two (or more) people where one person offers to do something and another person accepts that offer,” ( On the other hand, Koffman & McDonald (2007:1) also define a contract as, “a legally enforceable agreement giving rise to obligations for parties involved.” In simple terms, it can be said that if you and another person have agreed to do something for each whereby the other party promises to pay in return, then you will have made a contract. It can be noted that a contract can be in verbal or written form but the most important thing is that there would be an agreement to perform duties especially between the two parties involved.
From the above definitions, it is abundantly clear that by virtue of creating a profile on the LinkedIn website, one would have entered into an agreement which constitutes a valid and legally enforceable contract. The one who creates a profile, in this case, is referred to as the User and the moment he creates an account, he agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of using the service. The User thus becomes obliged to meet certain conditions such as giving due respect to applicable laws such as privacy and copyright laws, obliged to ensure service eligibility as well as payments among other duties to be observed by the user. It is also clearly indicated in the agreement states that if one does not to be legally bound by using the LinkedIn service, then he must not create a profile. It can be noted that by any standard, these statements constitute a contract where the one about agreement clearly spells the binding terms while the other one about privacy states the expected conditions of usage of the service.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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