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Youtube -The Radical Environment for Self-promotion That Is Facing Censorship - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes website Youtube as the radical environment for self-promotion that is now facing censorship. It demonstrates its history, development, and ways of its industry…
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Youtube -The Radical Environment for Self-promotion That Is Facing Censorship
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Download file to see previous pages However, in recently censorship has evolved that has diminished the free environment of Youtube. While the home to many homemade videos, the site also carries a great deal of content that show music videos, television programs, and just about anything that can be copied and shown on the site. This poses problems with the publishing rights of those who own the work that is published on Youtube.
According to Geoghegan and Klass (2007, 205), in this age of self-publishing, a home video maker must be on Youtube if they want to send their message out to those who are attracted to the video shorts made by the amateur creator. Youtube has a great number of choices in the type of material that is available on the site. According to Schepp and Schepp (2009, 46), the most popular videos on Youtube are those that teach the viewer how to do something. Many activities are available for viewing and with the site being free, the viewer has the ability to create work that can be utilized by a large audience. The topics of discussion are endless as the many minds of the world have contributed to creating the entire body of work.
Because of copyright laws, Youtube faces problems where their content is concerned. PRS or the Performing Rights Society of Music has proposed an untenable deal for Youtube after the expiration of their original deal with the organization. The deal would require Youtube to pay out more for the rights to show the videos that are affected than the ads that are placed next to the videos pay to the site. The would create a loss in revenue for the popular site. Youtube is subject to licensing laws in accordance with individual nations laws and must pay for the privilege of showing some of the content. Therefore, this new wrinkle sets up a conflict between the intent of the site and the availability of content (PDA The Digital Content Blog 2010).
In February of 2005, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawid Karim, former employees of Paypal, began development of an idea of a video hosting site. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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