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E-Business Strategy of King Abdulaziz University - Research Proposal Example

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The main objective of this report “E-Business Strategy of King Abdulaziz University” is to provide a detailed implementation plan of one of the IT initiatives that have been proposed for King Abdulaziz University. Some initiatives had been proposed in the project proposal…
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Extract of sample "E-Business Strategy of King Abdulaziz University"

Download file to see previous pages Some case studies have been consulted during the research related to the respective topic to gain knowledge about the experiences of different institutions regarding the migration to Moodle. Their experiences have also been stated in the report.
In the later sections, risk analysis has been performed regarding Moodle. Limitations of Moodle are also identified. Migration from one system to another is a long process, therefore, a whole year has been assigned to this project, from Sep 1st, 2010 to 31st Aug 2011. Summary of activities, as well as a detailed implementation plan, is given in the end.
In the modern world, every organization needs to be equipped with the latest trends in technology so that they are capable enough to compete with the rest of the world. While keeping this notion in mind, three new IT strategies have been proposed for one of the leading universities of Saudi Arabia- King Abdulaziz University.
A new concept that has emerged from the World Wide Web is of education on the web: E-learning [19], [20]. E-learning has provided students an opportunity to learn even after school hours [21]. King Abdulaziz University is one of the leading universities of Saudi Arabia [7] [8]. It has contributed to the field of e-learning to a great extent due to which Deanship of Distance Learning was established in 2004 [1]. King Abdulaziz University wanted to provide their students with the same opportunity of e-learning that has been benefiting people around the world. The existing Distance Learning System at the university was analyzed so that some new IT initiatives could be proposed;
These systems had certain limitations which constrained the students in utilizing much other functionality that e-learning environments tend to offer. In order to overcome these limitations, three following IT initiatives were proposed: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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