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IT - Dialectic Inquiry Challenges in the Next Years - Term Paper Example

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This paper “IT - Dialectic Inquiry Challenges in the Next Years” explores the modes of expected inquiries: multiple reality, analytical deductive, and inductive-consensual ones. The author analyzes economic, socio-cultural, and technological impact for their implementation…
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IT - Dialectic Inquiry Challenges in the Next Years
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Extract of sample "IT - Dialectic Inquiry Challenges in the Next Years"

Download file to see previous pages This process of inquiry considers a very limited set of observations. These observations are then analyzed to reach a conclusion. The set of observations in this approach is limited and these observations may be analogous in which we compare a situation to other situations we have encountered ; historical observations in which a current problem is analyzed in the light of the problem which might have been faced earlier and finally observations may be multiple in nature and also independent of each other. The main problem with this approach of inquiry is that it does not present a very broad definition of the problem and presents a very limited set of observations to come to a single conclusion. (Indiana University. School of Business, Indiana University. Bureau of Business Research, 1993)
This method of inquiry assumes that there is one particular solution to any problem and no multiple solutions can exist. This system of inquiry assumes that there is only one particular truth and everything else other than this truth is false and should be discarded. It analyses a particular problem by breaking it into different parts, providing a solution to each of these solutions and thus from these individual solutions; a final solution is deduced. (British Psychological Society, 2007)
The main thing to be considered in the multiple reality inquiry processes is that different solutions to a particular problem are discussed and analyzed. These different solutions, in the end, may be discarded or accepted. This system of inquiry analysis presents different alternatives to the person or organization and thus analyses a particular problem from different angles before coming to a solution. The key element in multiple reality models is that the analyst or the observer keenly participates in the definition of the problem by placing the observed problem data against a theory or model which is personalized and unique to him and makes sense of the problem in these terms.
Many scholars argue that this system increases the risk associated in problem-solving by increasing the ambiguity of the solution, however, others believe that it mitigates the risk by considering different possibilities that might arise as a solution to a problem.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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