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Agent-Based Modeling in Architecture - Term Paper Example

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This paper “Agent-Based Modeling in Architecture” offers a detailed analysis and exploration of the Agent-based modeling and multi-agent systems. This paper sets out to reflect upon the development, usage, technology infrastructure, type and operating of these Agent-based modeling.
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Agent-Based Modeling in Architecture
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Download file to see previous pages Walsh (2009) states that various researchers and scholars have carried out research on the efficiency of agent-based modeling, and they concluded that agent-based modeling produces more data and information as compared to the equations based modeling (Walsh, 2009). According to Macal & North (2006), the Agent-Based Modeling is acknowledged or identified with different names like that agent-based modeling (ABM), agent-based systems (ABS), and individual-based modeling (IBM). These are extensively and commonly utilized identification names of the Agent-Based Modeling (Macal & North, 2006).
According to Walsh (2009), agent-based modeling is becoming more and more widespread. The main reason behind this aspect is the increasingly complex world operation those are requiring more automation of operations. In addition, the customary modeling technologies are no longer as appropriate as they were in the past. An instance of old technology implementation is the area that is deregulation of the electric power industry. In case of modeling regarding economic marketplaces, those are conventionally dependent upon the ideas of homogeneous agents, ideal marketplaces, and long-run equilibrium for the reason that these suppositions are established on the computationally tractable and problems analytically. Furthermore, we are becoming capable to take an additional sensible view of these economic systems through ABM. However, there is another important reason for agent-based modeling; the data is arranged into databases at more improved levels of granularity. In addition, at the present, we have more micro-data that is helpful in managing the business operations and activities in an appropriate manner (Walsh, 2009).
Bonabeau (2002) outlined that in agent-based modeling (ABM), a system is developed through a combination and collection of self-governing and autonomous decision-making entities those are acknowledged as agents (will be discussed in coming sections). Every autonomous agent makes the decisions on the basis of the provided set of rules (Bonabeau, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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