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Database 2 - Assignment Example

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Introduction This study is a discussion of the design and architecture of the global data model of a large or a medium size organization. It involves three different applications, which are of great interest to the organization. It therefore leads to the design and development of three Entity Relationship Diagrams for the different applications after which it develops the global data model…
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Database assignment 2
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Download file to see previous pages It is a car rental company based in the USA. As a car hire organization, Budget Car Hire Company requires various systems to manage its operations. The company has branches all over the world and booking can be made directly via branched or online through the company’s website and agent websites. Three Proposed Applications In this report, three proposed applications that fulfill the companies’ needs will be discussed. Specifically, the three applications are to facilitate transactions and operations. The applications are: Direct Renting from braches. Online booking system. Car purchasing system. The systems will have to be integrated into a single database and network for the purpose of data access and processing. This is the function of the data modeling process. Brief overview of the Applications Direct renting from braches This application describes the transaction where the client goes directly to the companies’ branches and asks for a car to rent. Depending on the availability of car, the customer has to provide staff with his licenses, bank card number and personal information such as name, age and address. A customer must also buy an insurance package only then, a member of staff will enter the information n the system and give back an invoice along with the car keys. Online booking system The online booking system is an application that will enable customers to do car reservation online through Budget website. The online booking should be able to process the booking and produce the corresponding confirmation message or travel vouchers to the applicant. The customer must fill a form on Budgets website that provides the company with his/her information like name, age, address and other personal and paying information. Most importantly, the type of car, pick up and return time and date, location. The website calculates the price for the selected vehicle for the specified period. After that, customers receive an email confirmation. Car purchasing system The third application is for car purchasing, where employees in the logistics department Budget gets to interact with different car vendors. The Budget employee has to select the car type, color, model, price and quantity. After that the application generates the name of the buyer (Budget), seller (vendor), purchasing date and time and the total price of the transaction including the cars specifications, quantity and date of manufacture. Key Data Required for Each Application The systems require various data items because they all manage different data and processes. Each database will have various datasets. Of course, some of the data sets will have common data fields shared between themselves (Heath and Bizer 36). The databases for each application will have local model with entity relationships specifically between the entities in them. Overall, the local models will be linked into a larger model, the global data model. The global data model will link the three databases in such a way that the three applications have relationships with each other through the relationships in their entities. Direct renting from braches Direct renting from braches application will have the following data entities: Entity Attribute RENTAL RENTAL_NO Primary Key (PK), CUST_ID foreign key (FK), RENTAL_TIME, RENTAL_DATE, PICKUP_DATE, RETURN_DATE, PICKUP_TIME, RETURN_TIME, CAR_ID (FK), PRICE_PAID, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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