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Planning Skills in Graphic Design - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Planning Skills in Graphic Design,” the author describes his five years of experience in Graphic Design, which has provided him with one of his biggest strengths, which are planning skills. These skills allow him to set goals for the projects…
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Planning Skills in Graphic Design
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Extract of sample "Planning Skills in Graphic Design"

Download file to see previous pages Using my communication skills I tried to convince him to get back to our team, as we would not be able to get the job done without his coding skills. I explained to him that we need him and that we are fully committed to our work. It is important that we learn to work well with all kinds of people and their different perspectives about projects and designs. There will be times when we need to do what the customer wants, even if we do not like. The element of flexibility is a key aspect in our line of work and we need to have the flexibility to handle the changes the customer wants and not afraid of the challenges that this poses.  Thanks to my interpersonal and problem-solving skills, I was able to get the web designer back on to our team to get the job done. Regarding my own work, I’m very committed and like to be challenged in my work, because I want to learn and improve as much as I can during my education to become a good graphic designer. It is important for me to look back on my artistic and academic career and be proud of what I’ve done or achieved. That is why I put my full efforts into everything that I do and want to do the best work I can. At the same time, this can also be one of my weaknesses, as I forget to keep a balance between my other projects or things like hobbies or going out with friends. Another weakness of mine is that I get nervous when speaking English in front of big audiences. English is my second language and I don’t feel as confident as when I talk in German. However, I feel much more confident communicating in English today than when I just moved to London in 2007. To overcome this anxiety I applied for a job as a German teacher in a language school for kids. I had worked as a part-time teacher for private tuition in Germany earlier and so I was able to provide references and experience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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