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Diffusion of the Mobile Commerce in Dubai - Research Paper Example

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This paper is an effort to analyze how the developments in information technology have led to the proliferation of mobile communication and consequently the value-added services being provided by mobile communication companies. Dubai has always been a city taking cues from the developed world…
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Diffusion of the Mobile Commerce in Dubai
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Download file to see previous pages As the internet is gradually maturing and presenting a paradigm shift in its very ideation, the technology infrastructure too is acquiring a business character, a transcontinental personality and a vending framework of wide-ranging, business, educational, scientific and personal data. Now the use of internet covers real-time computer conferencing, audio broadcasting, video broadcasting, real-time telephony and of course real-time business. Mobile banking and mobile commerce are the relatively newer additions to the list of activities possible with the diffusion of mobile communication and internet technologies.
Over the years IT has led to revolutionizing the way business is conducted, education is imparted, we communicate, we socialize, illness is cured etc. IT has made its mark in almost all spheres of life. E-commerce and M-commerce are the trendy application of this IT era. Now a company or business entity has plenty of avenues to reach to the customer. Business on the move is the latest addition. Dubai is being promoted as an attractive tourist destination and as a business center. Dubai is, therefore, an attractive market for multinational enterprises. So there is an increasing emphasis on strengthening communication networks, which provides an opportunity for indulging in reliable m-commerce activities. MEED1 (2009) in a recent report that Dubai First and Du have launched regions first pilot programme for NFC-based mobile payments using near field communication technologies like RFID, infrared etc.
Mobile telecommunication, wireless networking, and IT proliferation have grown dramatically over the last decade. These technologies considered niche technologies and ancillary to the mainline industries till some time back, have now acquired the status of the industry itself.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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