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Differences between AMD and Intel's CPUs - Assignment Example

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The paper “Differences between AMD and Intel’s CPUs” compares which of the two major processor manufacturing companies provides better processors. The answer depends on user’s know-how and expectations from his computer, which CPU offers the best performance for the kind of work one has to do…
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Differences between AMD and Intels CPUs
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Download file to see previous pages As the evolution in the field of the microprocessor in the last decade of 20th century has ever increasing change, the evolutionary phase gained pace right from mid 90 with the introduction of sixth generation CPUs from both AMD and Intel. AMD introduced AMD K6 and Intel brought Pentium II to the market (Ignacio,  2004). A clock frequency of both the processors was over 500 MHz and led to a common understanding among common people that the general performance of the CPU is a factor of the clock frequency. At a later stage, various other factors have also become equally instrumental in performance evaluation of the processor. Some of the other important aspects can be the architecture of the processor on the hardware side and software optimization on another side.
Basing the main concentration on architecture and hardware aspect of the processor usage, the other important parameters have been the size of the cache memory. Cache memory and its size is quite influential in speeding the data transfer rate from the processor to the system main memory and hence affects the overall performance of the processor. The second architecture based parameter for consideration is the internal architecture of the CPU Core and how they carry out the two general types of instructions topologies. Those two instructions topologies are Integer calculations and Floating point calculations. Integer calculations have frequent usage in Business applications like word processing and spreadsheet etc. while floating point calculations are used with High-End applications. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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