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Is Post-industrial Society the Same Thing as Information Society - Essay Example

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The author of this essay describes post-industrial society is the same thing as an information society. This paper outlines features of post-industrial society, and information society,  the extent to which one Information Society is really Post-industrial, in the UK and globally…
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Is Post-industrial Society the Same Thing as Information Society
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Extract of sample "Is Post-industrial Society the Same Thing as Information Society"

Download file to see previous pages This is a completely new type of societal technology, essentially from the tangible technologies of past societies. Its substance is information, which is intangible. Information technology, as we now popularly call this innovation, has significantly transformed people's lives and relationships and dimensions of the present society. This paper will explore whether information society is indeed the emerging postindustrial society as described by Daniel Bell.
What Mills did in the 1950s to call attention to the rise of a modern middle class, Daniel Bell did in the 1970s with the notion that society and its economy was evolving out of industrialism into a new form. In the process, he coined the term so widely used since then, “post-industrial society.” In 1973, he published the book, The Coming of the Post-Industrial Society. In this book, he linked his earlier thesis about the end of ideology to the concept of post-industrial society – a system that would be free from ideology. According to Bell, “The starting point for me was a theme implicit in my book The End of Ideology – the role of technical decision-making in society. Technical decision-making, in fact, can be viewed as the diametric opposite of ideology: the one calculating and instrumental, the other emotional and expressive.” (p. 34) The term “post-industrial society” would henceforth be used to describe a series of contemporary macro-social changes. In Bells view, it was, initially, better suited to suggest, on the one hand, that we live in an interstitial time when new social forms have not yet clearly emerged, and on the other hand, that the sources of this upheaval are, first and foremost, scientific and technological. (Mattelart, Taponier & Cohen 2003, p. 78) Bell, revised this later on adding up a more decisive aspect with the expansion of human services such as health care, education, and social services, and, above all, the development of technical and professional services like research, evaluation, data processing, and systems analysis. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Is Post-Industrial Society the Same Thing As Information Society Essay.
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