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This essay describes that the current scarcity information on computer crimes shows the inability of people to understand the dynamics of the contemporary form of crime. The article, therefore, strives to contribute to the field by comparing the application of three theoretical concepts…
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Article evaluation
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Article evaluation Summary of the article The article argues that the current scar information on computer crimes shows the inability of people to understand the dynamics of the contemporary form of crime that continues to affect all and sundry. The article, therefore, strives to contribute to the field by comparing the application of three theoretical concepts in the evaluation of organizational environment. Using the collapse of the Barings Bank, the case analyzes how perpetrators of computer crimes utilize the organizational environments to commit the crimes. Understanding the relationship between staff who perpetrate various forms of computer abuse and the organizational environment is fundamental to the prevention of such crimes thereby protecting the interests of the company. Applying such theories of criminology as routine activity, environmental criminology and the rational choice perspective show the behavior of employees and their relationship with the organization environment develops patterns on the kinds of computer abuses they are likely to commit. By observing such patterns, organizations can easily prevent the crimes before they occur.
Major conclusions
The article concludes that the three theories; the routine activity theory, environmental criminology and rational perspectives all contend that the organizational environment plays a significant role in the commission of such crimes and that the management of organizations must develop appropriate relationships with the environments to safeguard both their resources and the privacy of the employees. The routine activity theory, for example, develops the concept of targets. By routine activities with computers at the place of work, helps reveal the weaknesses that perpetrators often exploit before they commit crimes.
Strengths and weaknesses of the article
The main strength of the article is the utilization of the Barings Bank case study. The case study shows the importance of enhancing the safety of information systems in an organization. Using the case, the article applies the three theories thus showing the nature of the relationship that exists between the staff and the organization environment. Despite the strengths, the article has several other weaknesses key among which is the application of the three theories since they sound repetitive. The routine theory, for example, explains the behavior of employees at an organization thereby showing the features of both the victims and perpetrators. Environmental criminology does the same a feature that makes either redundant.
Were the conclusions properly drawn and supported? How? And Which ones, if any, were not? Show why not.
The author of the article draws a systematic conclusion by proving the application of each theory in the Barings Bank case. He concludes that criminals often use the knowledge of the environment coupled with their understanding of the operations of the organization to commit a crime. Such is a fundamental conclusion that proves that the relationship between the staff and their environment plays an integral role in the commission of computer crimes and that understanding the relationship can help managements prevent the commission of the crimes. He does the same with the two other conclusions including on the application of the rational choice perspective. Using Leeson from the Barings Bank case as an example, he proves that offenders often behave rationally as they strive to benefit themselves through the unlawful dealings. The author concludes the article by providing several suggestions of future studies. Such is an ideal way of concluding his research since he began by acknowledging the inadequacy of information on the topic.
Williamson, R. (2004). “Understanding the Offender/Environment Dynamic for Computer Crimes: Assessing the Feasibility of Applying Criminological Theory to the IS Security Context”. Proceedings of the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences Read More
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