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Executive Summary of Cyber Crime Task Force Plan - Research Paper Example

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Executive Summary of Cyber Crime Task Force Plan The cyber crime factor in St. Louis County in Missouri has been attributed to changing interests in web content and web transactions. The criminal nature of cyber crime the county has posed a huge threat to its overall functioning…
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Executive Summary of Cyber Crime Task Force Plan
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Download file to see previous pages St. Luis just like any other organization has in the last decade faced huge challenges that relate to its online data. The changing trends incorporate defenses which counter several web crimes. These also include various changes in the development of high level software interfaces that are capable of defining notable developments in commercial web servers. Cyber security is a process that is carried out to protect computer systems from attacks, including protecting data from unauthorized access, use, transfer, disclosure or modification and this could either be intentional or accidental. Cyber attack takes several forms, notably from an internal network, public systems but the research done by Rogers, (2001) indicate that major cybercrimes are related to the use of internet. The scope of cyber crime is wide and businesses are repeatedly faced by attacks, making them victims of various kinds of security threats. In many countries, cyber crime has been criminalized and though computers are widely used to commit cyber crimes, governments have a responsibility to protect individuals and property against cyber threats, Gordon et al, (2006). According to Babu et al, (2004) unauthorized access to authenticated information has more than doubled in the last decade, estimates stating that from 2004 to 2011, break-ins have risen by over 150%. The greatest cyber crime threats that St. Louis County is currently facing Various research statistics indicate that St. Louis County reported huge capital losses which are attributed to attack on its major databases and subsequently leading to mass loss of data. Ideally, the changing provisions which are significantly based on application of IT platforms also explain that structural formation hugely contributes to cybercrimes. Ideally, IT platform also extinguishes transactions and processes that are adequately managed through a set of interfaces which are based on aided technologies that theoretically exhibit changing trends within the societal perspectives. The application of cyber crime prevention framework according to Rapaille (2007 is indicatively based on set of cultured codes that broadly classify the operational characteristics of the technological inference associated with web crime technologies. The analytical application is measured using a series of forecasts and merged technologies (Weil, 2008) which are based on diverse business values. The external factors through which cyber crime functionalities are measured explain three consequential architectural frameworks of the web crime technology. Derivatives of distributive building blocks/models that exhibit low level deployment perspectives User projections and implementation forecasts as a system model establishment base. (O’Reilly, 2005) Web redesign aspirations with sustainable business model establishments. The user profiles and software management developments that are based on elastic business models create the terminological relevance of the technology Which three types of cyber crime will be the top priorities for the task f The technological implementation of cyber crime control technology and its mainstream global relevance has been managed by changing trends within the competitive global markets (David, 2008). This is illustrated by the operational compatibility of its systemic units with enhanced technological preference among its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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