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Information Systems Quality and Testing - Essay Example

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Currently the company operates and is involved in the following activities; organizing and promoting events, recruitment, marketing, and finance…
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Information Systems Quality and Testing
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, in a bid to see this effected, the company has contracted Eclipse Web Solutions to steer the website project that will see the company develop a new website that will help in promoting their products and services (Rubin & Chisnell, 2008).
The company is the major stakeholder of this website project as it is the one involved in its development. Therefore, the man aim of the company in suggesting this project is to see it join its competitors in using the latest technology available. Those in the company who are set to benefit from the project include the following; human resource manager, business development director, marketing manager, area manager and finance manager. The other stakeholder who will also be involved in this website project is Eclipse Web Ltd. This is the company contracted to manage the website project by Simply Events.
The other stakeholders are the customers who the company is targeting with the use and adoption of this new method of business promotion. They are set to learn more about the company concerning its products and services in order to purchase them.
Successful development and implementation of the business is set to improve the performance of this company. This will be achieved through discarding the old ways of doing things and adopting the new and innovative technology. Therefore the website is going to be of value through the following ways; increasing awareness both locally and internationally, improving the long and time wasting manual operations and finally earning the company a position in the global platform as it strives to deliver and satisfy their customers (Harrison & Waite, 2006).
Human resource department will benefit from the website project due to cost reduction. Currently the department has been publishing or advertising job vacancies in the local newspaper which has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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