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The advancement in technology and implementation of digital technology has enabled small business owners to develop online stores for the sale of products at a rapid frequency. In this context it can be mentioned that e-commerce has been proved highly beneficial for the large as…
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Milestone One: Internship Assignment
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Milestone One: Internship Assignment Overview of the companies The advancement in technology and implementation of digital technology has enabled small business owners to develop online stores for the sale of products at a rapid frequency. In this context it can be mentioned that e-commerce has been proved highly beneficial for the large as well as small businesses to perform their respective operations through the well known online websites, expanding their global reach to every potential customer in the global world. Furthermore, the emergence of large number of e-commerce companies has also resulted in the increased use of online websites for performing activities associated with the trading of products and/or services. E-commerce is thus often regarded to have enabled increasing awareness about the product at a larger scale as compared to the conventional era (Manzoor, 2010). The, Inc. is one of the leading e-commerce stores enables the business owner to sell products to large volume of customers within a particular timeframe. In addition to this, eBay Inc. is another online website that offers not only different modes of payments, but also offers fast delivery of products to the concerned customers I think the information regarding the online selling website would be beneficial for Harrison as it would enable him to grow his small business. Furthermore, it facilitates increased access to market as well as assists to sale more products within a short period of time (Donici & Maha, 2012).
Selection of company
In order to run a small business of 150 golf products, would be the most preferable online website for the purpose of selling goods. Moreover, the website also offers fast delivery of products at the customer’s convenience. In addition to this, the use of information providing sites would also be beneficial for the successful running of small business. In such a case Google would be beneficial in providing necessary information regarding the availability of golf products online (Donici & Maha, 2012). I think the selection of for selling different golf product would be beneficial as it is one of the most successful online trading retailers that has a large customer base and so would be beneficial for Harrison to increase his sale of products as well as profitability.
Accomplishment of goals
The use of online website in selling products would be beneficial for the small business as it facilitates promotion of the product outside the origin country. Furthermore, the use of would be beneficial for both the seller as well as buyer of the products respectively (Carroll & Broadhead, 2001). Form the above discussion, it can be estimated that the use of online trading website would be beneficial for Harrison. Furthermore, it will enable him to expand his business to other regions as well.
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Milestone One: Internship Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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