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Introduction to WiMAX Technology - Research Paper Example

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This paper is focused on the WiMAX Technology. According to the text, one of the vital accomplishments of the 21st century was the invention of the computer and the subsequent creation of computer networks. Thus, these two entities have virtually transformed the world…
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Introduction to WiMAX Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Arguably one of the most epic accomplishments of the 21st century was the invention of the computer and the subsequent creation of computer networks. These two entities have virtually transformed the world as far as information processing and communication is concerned. The interconnection capability of computer systems can arguably be described as the feature that makes them more versatile and invaluable to their users. This being the case, the network functionality of computing systems has been exploited by organizations and individuals alike as efficient local and global communications became the defining attribute of success. As such, the creation of networks is key to any interconnected computing system. A network may be created that uses cables (fixed connection) or that use radio waves (wireless network).
While fixed Internet networks continue to form the backbone of the communication system, wireless data transmission has become more favored for various reasons. Different forms of wireless technologies have come up to fulfill this role. Nuaymi asserts that WiMAX technology is at the present one of the most promising global telecommunication systems WiMAX emerged as a Broadband Wireless Access System that has many applications ranging from the mobile cellular network to backhauling. Considering the prominence of WiMAX in networking, this paper will set out to give a detailed discussion on some of the particular aspects of WiMAX.
WiMAX specifications have gained significant success in the provision of Internet access. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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