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Motorola Incorporation - Assignment Example

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Motorola is a global company that has an overwhelming presence within the telecommunication industries. Motorola deals with telephone handsets manufacture. These handsets are wireless. …
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Motorola Incorporation
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"Motorola Incorporation"

Download file to see previous pages The company is also involved in network gadget marketing. These gadgets have a wide application within the communication sector, which include amplification of signal base for the stations, as well as the cellular transmission. The Motorola Corporation has brand recognition of being in the market area of wireless communication, broadband communication, and automotive communication, which enhances global interconnectedness. The corporation wins brand loyalty due to its engagement in the field of technology and communication innovation, which ensures that customers have an opportunity of attaining desirable brands and quality products. On the same note, the corporation has embarked on ensuring that it has a strong breakthrough in the field of technology by identifying new talents, new markets, and merging with other technology focused corporation in order to have future solutions within the field of technology (Hitt, 2009). Salient Opportunities and threats existing in Motorola’s external environment Comprehension of Motorola’s external environment is crucial since this process results in identification of the factors, which determine the ability of the corporation to use its resources effectively and survive within the competitive environment. The well-developed brand of the corporation is one of the opportunities, which Motorola needs to use in order to attain a competitive edge within is marketing environment. Excellent promotional strategies and the overwhelming engagement of the corporation in the field of innovation present additional opportunities for Motorola. The telecommunication market has a taste of the well-placed Motorola brand, which enables the corporation to thrive in this competitive environment. Furthermore, Motorola recognizes the need of using marketing tools, which include television and successful promotional strategies that enable the company’s brand to occupy an excellent space within its marketing environment. Moreover, Motorola ensures that its customers are satisfied effectively and incurs low costs in the production process through differentiation, which is normally generated by the excellent innovation. Because of these factors, Motorola Company has had an opportunity of attaining a large market share within the global market. Motorola Corporation participates in the Telco TV rollout services that are facilitated by Verizon. As such, the corporation has earned an opportunity of accessing a larger global market for its products. Furthermore, the corporation prides in having products, which have the ability of penetrating hybrid market where the company’s competitors cannot access. This has given the corporation a competitive edge within the telecommunication-marketing environment. Some of the countries where Motorola has penetrated effectively include Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Italy. However, the company has not yet exhausted its market base and continues to penetrate new markets at a global scene (Roy, 2000). Unfortunately, Motorola faces a stiff threat in conducting its business. This threat is competition, which emerges from Japan. Japan has introduced new telecommunication products, which are deemed to be affordable and are of high quality. These products have introduced an immense competition to Motorola products. Further, government protection policies are not present that old markets and new markets are vulnerable to both existing and new businesses. As such, the corporation has to share the telecommunication market with overseas market players. Motorola also has a threat of trade barriers, which limit the corporation from penetrating Japanese markets (Roy, 2000). Existence of wireless industries, which include Advanced Digital Broadcast introduce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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