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Alignment of IT Strategy CP - Essay Example

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The contemporary corporate world is becoming competitive and technology has been earmarked as the fundamental tool that can help businesses survive the stiff competition. Modern-day businesses have been forced to be aligned with IT. Alignment, in this context, implies the…
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Alignment of IT Strategy CP
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will candidly and comprehensively explicate why an IT strategy focused on maintaining a cutting-edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy.
Firstly, from a vaguest and broadest perspective, cutting-edge technology can be described as technological techniques and/or devices that are at the frontier of knowledge, but have been used for a relatively long time jettisoning the unreliability threats to users. Apparently, with cutting-edge technology, a business stays informed on the feasibility of their objects and the possibility of its strategy succeeding. Hence, an IT strategy focused on maintain cutting-edge technology enables the business to triumph by guaranteeing that decisions will be made based on latest available information (Keyes, 2005). Any incongruity of information or rather information asymmetry that would have torpedoed the business’s plan can be thwarted through implementation of IT strategies pinpointed on cutting-edge technology.
Additionally, in the past, organizations were unable to bridge the fissure between business and IT professionals due to the perceived dissimilarities in culture, objectives, mutual ignorance and incentives. Consequently, the IT systems proved to be expensive and unable to deliver sufficient returns on investment. However, an IT strategy centered on cutting-edge technology position helps the present organizations to maximize value on investments by openly defining who is responsible for the attainment of certain goals and objectives and unequivocally specifies the indispensable resources (Keyes, 2005). Moreover, the misunderstanding often associated with incorporation of technology into the management of a business is eliminated and replaced with a mutual understanding of how the business’s strategies or objectives will be attained. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alignment of IT Strategy CP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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