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The evolving nature of Object Technology has caused many companies to reexamine their legacy codes to ensure that it matches it. The…
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CIS126 U1 Discussion 2 - 1
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The Dark Side of Object Technology Insert Insert Object technology became prevalent in industrial languages as from 80’s but became established in other languages like Java and UML in the 90s. The evolving nature of Object Technology has caused many companies to reexamine their legacy codes to ensure that it matches it. The progress and acceptability of Object Technology have been growing significantly in the market. In the recent years, some languages like C++ and Java have considerably advanced in the use of Object Technology.
Despite the many benefits that object technology poses, its weaknesses include them being complex legacies that scare its owners. The latter has made timely delivery a complicated process. TDD, for instance, face the challenge of their own code with its developers not willing to continue that path. It is important to define correctly the APIs for use in the system other than just using the IDE to refactor the code that requires a very constructive intervention.
Object oriented code becomes difficult to handle mainly due to the absence of modularity. The lack of limits in modularity has made frequent developments almost an impossible thing. It significantly compromises the risk of making alterations to the legacy code. Further, there are extra dependencies brought about by frameworks in the open source community. The result is frequent errors and slows down the speed of development. In such environments, code refactoring becomes such a complicated process that is not worth pursuing.
Other challenges include non-experts in Object Oriented code involved in the development process of these systems. Since these persons do not uphold the disciplines in the development, they compromise the use of libraries or frameworks. Consequently, there is a lot of codes that is purely reproduced.
Thomas, D. (2008). The Legacy and Liability of Object Technology The Dark Side of OO. JOT, 7(6), 27. doi:10.5381/jot.2008.7.6.c3 Read More
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