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The user is not able to get to the file. Considering both file permissions and shared folder permissions (and any other situation that may be applicable), what steps would you go through…
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U4 Discussion
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U4 Discussion U4 Discussion Part I Consider the situation in which a user is trying to access a file through a network share. The user is not able to get to the file. Considering both file permissions and shared folder permissions (and any other situation that may be applicable), what steps would you go through (and what tools could you use) to verify if the user has access to the file and to determine why they cant access it. List the different reasons the user may be having trouble accessing the file.
Trouble shooting a problem on a computer network works if one follows a logical process of solving the problem rather than trying out everything until a solution is stumbled on. In the case of accessing files shared, a user maybe unable to access files that they ought to access when logged on locally. This may be due to permissions which are assigned to the user or to the group of which the user is a member. The permissions given (both share permissions and file permissions) should be checked to see if there is an exception to the rule (Microsoft Support, 2006). The exception includes an explicit deny permission to a certain file or folder. Deny permissions assist in enumerating the certain tasks that can be performed by users.
Part II
1.Discuss some situations where restricting access to a printer would be appropriate or necessary.
Sometimes it is necessary to restrict access, more so to printers. In companies it is necessary to know what is being printed on the printer network. For example in the accounts department, the settings of the printer are configured to prevent every domain user from using it. It also allows tracking of the legitimate checks that have been printed. Other situations includes when a company wants to restrict printers which use expensive supplies. In healthcare the privacy and confidentiality of information is a virtue, thus restriction to what is printed and who can print comes in handy.
2. Under what circumstances would you want to configure printer pooling?
Printer administration can be simplified by use of printer pooling. This is a standard feature of windows 2000, XP and NT that allows an administrator to spread out printed output to several printers (pool). It enables the server to have good management of multiple printers using a single printer instance, this provides some sort of load balance and it is important for administrative purposes.
3. Although your textbook does not talk at length about printer priorities (involving multiple print queues or objects), do some research on this topic and tell how it differs from printer pooling. Under what circumstances would you want to implement printing priorities?
This is different from printer priority which involves setting different virtual printers to correspond to the same physical printer. This determines the probability of a printer being chosen over other printers (Tulloch, 2003). Printer priority is evaluated to determine which job should be completed next, but it does not stop processing if a job that is being worked on. Printer priority does not affect job priority, on the contrary the most chosen printer is prone to tear and wear.
Microsoft Support. (2006, November 1). How to share files and folders over a network. Retrieved from Microsoft support:
Tulloch, M. (2003). Windows server 2003 in a nutshell. New York: OReilly Media. Read More
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U4 Discussion Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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